An example of everything that is wrong with America

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    Ex-city manager among 8 arrested in Calif. scandal - Yahoo! News

    This is just one small Town and these dirt bag managed to steal millions. Now how many other are out there doing this and have not been caught. The question is what is going to be done about it. I think anything other than stripping these people of every single penny they have and selling off all of their possessions at auction to repay the money stole would be an injustice.

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    ....or even more specifically, everything that's wrong with California.

  3. "People get the government they deserve." T Jefferson
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    I was thinking that but Since all I know of California is what I read in the news I did not want to sound like I know for sure what it is all about. All I do know is I only hear bad things coming out of California. From the huge illegal pupulation that the state seems to have no problem with to the Mexican gangs costing the detention centers billions. Trying to pass gay marrige laws. All of the anti guns laws anti car laws it just sound like a state that is more anti-American as any other state in this country.

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    Goes to show just how much a politician will do given the chance,bastids!:angryfire:
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    This could happen anywhere. Corruption knows no boundaries or state lines.

    I guess that won't stop some people from turning this thread into yet another CA bash-fest.
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    Afton NY
    I just can't understand how money can be jockeyed around without someone catching it immediately. We're not talking 50.00 here. These are huge sums. Is there any acountability at all in these gov't offices? Unbelieveable it got that far.
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    Folks do catch it,but the ones that see it first don't want to lose their jobs so they look the other way.:thumbsdown:
  9. DaTeacha

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    Most of us naively presume the guys in public offices are honest, or at least too slick to be caught by anything other than a professional audit. And sometimes the auditors are crooked.

    Watch what's happening in Cleveland with Jimmy Demora and his cronies.
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    No big surprise.

    This kind of stuff goes on at every level of government in the nation.

    By the time the sheeple wake up and decide to do something about it, aside from pretending that voting is the full extent of their responsibility, this once great nation will be nothing more than a memory.
  11. killsnapz

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    I really did not want to bash California having never been there myself I do not believe it is right to judge something you have no first hand knowledge of. Lately all we hear on the news is negative things about California. Many people will form their opinions based on these facts alone. That being said California is probally one of the last states myself that I would chose to live just based on the restrictive gun laws and the very restrictive laws towards modifling cars. My two favorite hobbies.

  12. DaTeacha

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    The problem is that it takes major bucks to get elected to a major office, even at the state level. You are either independently wealthy, have major party backing, or manage to convince a lot of relatively wealthy people to give you money in the hopes that you get elected. Then there is a sense of obligation to the big supporters and the whole mess starts all over again.
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    Or convince a LOT of ordinary folks that you are going to break plates and get the fat and dishonesty out.
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    Michael, I'm not trying to bash or flame you. or overly defend Ca or knock Ct, but...
    I believe CT has even more restrictive gun laws than CA, and already recognizes gay marriage. it also has some kind of social healthcare. huge numbers of irish gangs roaming the streets. (ok, i'm kidding there). and like california is a very beautiful state.

    I think this news story relates to the city of Bell. (heavily populated by illegals and very poor). i think I drove through it once or twice, and it looked pretty crappy. i'd go so far as to say the only good thing to come out of there is my cat.

    I also think this kind of thing could be found in any large city with a large number of poor and undereducated population.
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  16. Hope they drop the soap in the prison showers.
  17. Dragunov

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    As big as this seems.... It's only a small part of what's wrong with this state. Now, our "beloved" Gubbernator is trying to get China to bail out this bilgepit state. :yell:
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    cause i bet you there are even more people involved in this, and i bet its going on everywhere thats the whole problem with our governments federal state and local,

    if it were up to me i would rip every person in office out, hang them for treason, and put all knew people in and congress would be a PART time job just like it was intended to be

    me being 22 have seen nothing that the government has done to benifit me, its always to benfit them and to keep them in office and all that its disgusting and if it doesnt chance quickly were going to rot from the inside out (i seriously believe this has already began happening) and lead straight to either a revolution or a civil war
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    New York
    I thought it was Japan Ah-nuld was trying to persuade to invest in California, not China.
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    Petrol I would never take you opinion as bashing. I know you are very respectfull. I do not know if you caught one of my post in this thread where I did not want to come off as bashing Cali but all we heard about it on the news is negative things. This type of coruption is everywhere but add it in with all of the other issues in Cali and it really paints a bad picture.

    As far as gun laws go here we have almost no restrictions. It is easy to get a C&R which I have and it is also easy to get CCW permit. There are no restrictions on ammo or weapons being shipped in from out of state. The only type of gun restriction we have here is a very short list of weapons that are not legal to own here. They are the AK-47 which in my opinion is a POS and I have no intrest in anyway. The FN FAL and the Steyer AUG 77 for some strange reason and thats it as far as dun restrictions. Gay marrige is not legal and has not even been brought up as an issue here yet. No social heathcare system either. You are correct about the huge Irish population here though. My last name is Fitzgerald!