An Experiment Is Needed......

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by PAPA G, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. PAPA G

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    its the on going Holy war between the liberals and normal people. i purpose a plan, lets divide the country in half. one have gets all the demo/lib/wackos. the other half gets the normal/right thinking people. each with their own President and Congress, than they all can do as their hearts wish!!! no more jamming things down the others throats. Peace and Contentment reign!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D
  2. Doglips

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    But how do we get the good people out of Calf???? Like a berlin style air lift?

  3. But, in order to do that Papa we'll have to pick up where old Dixie came up short at....yepper....fer sure.

    For it to be done means a much larger succession and gawd knows the gov'ment won't let that happen without blood and bullets. LOL

    150,000 Navajos on the reservation, alone, will tell you that.....yepper.
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  4. PAPA G

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    this would be a peaceful division, allied van lines, mayflower would relocate the normal/right people to the Newnited States of America. demos/libs/wackos would be stuffed in boxcars and shipped to the Untied States of Amerika. once relocation is completed than each group can decide the type of government they want. the demo/lib/wackos can have a Klinton type of monarchy if they wish.:nod:
  5. BenP

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    Which side gets the military?
  6. PAPA G

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    the military gets divided too, they join what ever group they want to belong to.only trick is how to divide the country, and move those who resist the plan!!!
  7. johno

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    I'm not going to speak for the military, but most of the soldiers i know would go with the normal/right people. if we vote for a wacko we'll probably lose our next pay raises and then get shipped off to who knows where.
  8. Big Dog

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    We need some seaports, so we need to keep at least Texas, and maybe Lou'sana. Can't let the Libs have all that good chili and gumbo!
  9. Stopper

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    Give the wacko's Oklahoma - no seaports - no nothing, except the rattlesnake hunt, thats a good time.

    You know why Kansas is so windy?

    Cause Nebraska sucks and Oklahoma blows!
  10. NRAJOE

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    Wasn't that called the Civil War?:confused:
  11. johno

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    let's keep washington state too. maybe a few liberals in seattle, but other than that it's woth keeping.
  12. Thank you NRA my exact thoughts. As far as Texas goes we want to stay independent.
  13. tommy

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    send them to calipornication. and then we all can get a pry bar and go to the fault line . i figure if we all get together we can finish what nature is trying to do. pry it off the promise land. then we can get some boats and tow it out to sea and create a really big alcatraz. tow it really far though sure don't want any to swim back.
  14. It wont matter. The lib whacko side will horribly underfund it, their soldiers would have no training and no one there would own guns. Their population numbers would dwindle as abortions would be as easy to get as condoms, std rates would soar, morality would be in the toilet.

    Our side would have an iron clad, highly skilled and trained military, anyone legally able to own a gun would have one(several). We would proceed as we are trying now to teach safe sex, abstinence, family values and good social and work ethics.

    In a few years time we could walk right in there and take over for the good of their own..........:nod:
  15. Shaun

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    hey guys we need to make the division properly I don't want to loose out on good elk country ... Otherwise how about we move out all our sane friends out of PRK then we import all the libs and somehow cut the state off the rest of the country anyone have an idea about making a canal along the border of PRK