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An Illness Has befallen me

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I stopped by Guntech this afternoon to pick up my AK . While I was there, I looked up on the wall and there it was, a Genuine Springfield M1A National Match. My Knees got week and I started Foaming at the mouth. It Followed me Home and my Wife's gonna Kill me.


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Nice rifle! Has Springfield improved on their scope mounts since the Generation 3?
Dunno, was not planing on putting a scope on it anyway.
I've wanted an M14 since I had to qualify on one in the Navy. Just too darned much!
That was the last time I shot one...In the Navy
That was the last time I shot one...In the Navy
Well, I do have a Spanish 1916 Mauser converted to .308, so I have something that shoots the same round.

It's just that the same round in a semi is so awesome!
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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