and he shall be dubbed hence forth NOODLE ARMS!

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Full auto Intratec Tec 9[/ame]
  2. That's some filty back ground music and the guys to me look like a bunch of sissys.

  3. ya, music sucks
  4. Seabeescotty

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    They look like spoiled rich kids to me! Who else could afford all the costs that go along with owning a full-auto weapon? And as far as I'm concerned, those little things are worthless as teats on a boar!

    HARDERTR Guest

    On the bright side, they probably have "clear" background checks, and some money burning a hole in thier pockets. HEY...maybe THEY can become new gun owners too! That Tec 9 looks cool...I sure hope they buy one of those.

    I was in a gunshop the other day, and some punk kids were in there talking about dropping some cash on a gun. They admitted they didn't have any guns yet, but they wanted a TACTICAL SHOTGUN.

    The shop owner tried to steer them toward something a little more practical, but they looked at him like he was from another planet. The owner sold them the tactical shotgun they wanted 10 minutes later. Somebody will probably get hurt....
  6. Windwalker

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    Yeah, I would rather see them with a Tec 9 than the tactical shotgun.