And she passed the course??

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    A Lake City woman was airlifted to Shands Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon, after her gun fell into the commode and shot her in the buttocks, according to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.
    A deputy was called to the Moore Road address shortly after 3 p.m., about a shooting and saw a woman bleeding severely from her left buttock. Emergency medical technicians were on the scene and had the woman airlifted to Jacksonville, reports say.
    Reports say the woman had just taken classes on firearm safety and she had a fear of being robbed due to past incidents.
    The woman heard something outside her home and reached over the toilet to raise the window and the gun fell into the toilet. The woman was injured when the 9 mm handgun discharged into the commode, reports say.

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    Talk about shooting yourself in the I mean foot!

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    I wonder how many times the bullet spun around the bowl before slingshotting out and hitting her in the bum?LOL It does say that the 9mmm discharged INTO the toilet.
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  5. In a Related incident....

    Lake City, some state...

    An KMA wire report.

    Lake City Police today, are investigating the death of a beloved Icon of Telivision Advertising Americana.

    Police found Earl Podunk floating face down in a Moore Road Toilet bowl. You might remeber him as the "Tidy Bowl Man" Earl was the star of the immesely popular television comercials for Tidy Bowl Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

    Police were at the Moore Road residence in response to a woman accidentally shooting herself in the buttocks. The bullet first careened of the rim, striking Mr Podunk in the chest, before ricochetting off the back of the bowl and striking the homeowner in the Buttocks.

    "It was a mess," commented investigators on the scene. Not only did it appear that Mr Podunk had been shot, but a large quantity of fecal matter appears to have smothered Mr Podunk in his boat.

    The county coroner is performing an autopsy to see if Mr Podunk had died from his gunshot wound or due to suffocation from the considerable amount of feces he was buried under.

    The ACME Chemical Company, for whom Mr Podunk had been on hiatus from declined to comment, other than to say the bowl did look remarkably clean.

    Lawyers from the Podunk family issued a brief statement regarding the tragedy. In this statement the family eluded to possibly filing suit against the Boat Manufacturer stating if the cabin roof had not collapsed, Mr Podunk may have survived the ordeal. And they are considering Filing suit against Taco Bell for the large quantity of potentially lethal matter thier food can generate.

    Jim Glockenshpiel, Wacko Times Reporter