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  1. I ran into a Deputy friend of mine who works this little town and he was telling me of a story and incident he was involved in Tuesday.

    First, some preface....we have a box canyon outside of town where everyone goes shooting, mainly on weekends. It has three natural backstops...ideal for shooting with no homes around for miles. There is an old land fill (turned transfer station) on that isolated road but the landfill is quite aways away from the 'range' and to the back of the shooters. Well, the landfill is run by one of the most cantankerous and bitter old firts you might ever have to deal with.

    OK.....a local resident had a member of his family come into town so they thought they would drive the RV out to the 'range' and have some fun. As is expected the landfill ogre calls the local law when he hears shooting off in the distance (he knows it goes on...he knows it's safe...he just like to raise discontent and be a pain in the butt and that's why most people go shooting on weekends when the landfill is closed).

    Danny, my friend gets the dispatch call and, with another Deputy as back up, goes out, more to pacify the old firt. They drive out the road and comes across the two shooting. He approaches them cautiously and identifies himself and explains he was investigating a report of firing, asks them if they had been shooting, for identification, if they had been using alcohol (which he says they weren't...or no indications of it) etc. Knowing the state law allows for liberal use of firearms in the state the two start giving Danny a rough time accusing him of harassment...incompetence, etc. Danny said he tried calming them down and tried to explain he was just appeasing the caller and had all intentions of letting it go at that.

    But, the two idiots thought they were on firm ground and continued to peck at Danny. Danny said they just wouldn't let up. Finally Danny had had enough and it was time to reestablish respect and stance so he asked who owned the RV. The owner, of course, said he was. Danny asked him if the RV had toilet facilities on board and the wise guy said it did..."so what?"

    With that Danny quickly issued a ticket for 'discharge of a firearm within 1/4 mile of an inhabitable structure'...a fine that can carry up to a $1,000 fine (trust me when I say the ticket will hold up in court in Arizona).

    Actually, I found the story rather amusing but, some people just don't know when to zip the lip...ya know? yepper
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  2. Shaun

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    Well thats one good case of foot in mouth disease

  3. Oxford

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    Dale: Some people never learn when to shut up. They usually self-destruct. I've been around too many like that in my lifetime.

    Sounds like a great natural place to go shooting. Hope it stays open for everyone.

  4. Benny

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    That just goes to show you what a big mouth will do. I'm sure I would have done the same thing in the situation of the LEO. The only guy that ruined the fun was the one that wouldn't shut up.

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    I loved living in AZ hope it's intact when I come back someday. We had some great shootin holes around Tucson.
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    Thats pretty funny....... I had that sorta thing happen to me, but the other way around. I was shooting on private property where lots of pipe trees grow. Some one from way off called the cops. They were nice and I was nice, I had a written letter with me giving me permission to be on that land. The land belonged to my boss, and there was nothing on it, but trees.....

    I was asked for ID and a pistol permit in Mass, and if I had been drinking...wasn't i was alone.... In the midst of all this I was facing the car..... I saw flames come out from under the running cruiser...... the catalitic converter set the pine needle of fire..... Well that kinda ended that...... The officer moved the car and shut it off...... he called in for the fire dept too, but we had the fire out before they arrived........ They left and i stayed to shoot more... Mac