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  1. OK the title is a bit dramatic I guess but I am now the proud owner of my 3rd Mosin. 1929 Tula Ex-Dragoon in a Lammy stock.
    Here is a photo from top to bottom is my 29 Tula, 31 Izzy, and 44 Tula Ex-Sniper.

  2. Congrats, but I'm not seeing the pic.

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    Yea, still waiting on this pic of this phantom "rifle" you said you got. Of course, no one will believe anything until we can see the evidence :D:D
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    Pics or it didn't happen!

  6. Hmmm your not seeing the thumbnails? I uploaded them just before the system went offline last night..

    OK I can reload them

  7. Let's try this again..

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  8. There's the pics. The top one is got good woodgrain on it. You got the fever!
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    Ah, Pics! Nice Mosins...
    Now I am officially jealous!
  10. Well I guess you could say I have mosinitis. I'm on the hunt for an M38 now..
    with 3 hungry Mosins to feed I guess I need to start reloading

  11. Nice, congratulations! I reall like the white lettering on that Tula, stands out really well.
  12. So how does the latest one shoot??
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    very nice grouping, the wood on the top really is nice. let us know how she shoots.
  14. Very nice. I love those Lammies. It does have the rearsenaled stamp, just makes me wonder what was done to it other then stock.
  15. Gotta find myself a nice lammy... sure looks sweet.. hell...accept any MN that shoots well...
  16. Well originally it was a Dragoon so it got new sights and a new stock. Everything else looks original all numbers match and the tang is correct as well

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    Nice looking weapons you have there! Thanks for sharing!
  18. There is not a rearsenal stamp on the stock so I'm not sure where or when it was. Which stamp are you looking at?

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    Mark, in the bottom section of this web page are three M-38's with M-44 stocks.
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  20. The stamp on top of the star. Funny thing is...