And you thought pro wrestling was staged

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by TXplt, May 8, 2008.

  1. TXplt

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    Just heard it on the news--a lady faints at a klinton rally (keeping up with the joneses or obamas in this case). hillary gallantly calls for a paramedic and offers her own bottle of water to aid the "victim" -- possibly suffering from an overdose of bad acting perhaps ?

    Do these folks do anything anywhere that isn't polled and staged ?

    Jerry Springer seems almost spontaneous compared to these clowns (and probably watching him has more truth and redeeming social value these days).
  2. damage855

    damage855 G&G Newbie

    She would never do such a thing. Next youll be saing she has people planted in the audiance to ask pre-writen questions. LOL

  3. Desperation

    I can imagine anything happening with the Clintons as the stress builds.
    Hillary just goes more bizarre every day.

    Next thing you know, we will hear Sinbad received an under the cover
    payment for Hillary's campaign to hold a news conference saying he
    suddenly remembers Hillary saying, "Run - save yourself" at the
    infamous airport landing.
  4. Windwalker

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    TXplt you and Damage855 have me rolling on the floor laughing.
  5. Wait until McCain gets in the ring, it will be as three way tag team match. I think it ought to be done like American Idol.
  6. damage855

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    Its amazing (and sad) how our politicians can be, there supposed to be our representives.
  7. And you believe this was staged strictly because of the people involved? That's pretty shaky evidence for such a cynical sounds to me like something that could've happened at any rally, and not like anything that would change a single person's vote anyway.
  8. mitch_mckee

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    Given the history of the antics of the Clintons, and their propensity to lie with every breath, suspicion about their motives is warranted.
  9. bigbuddy21

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    now come on troy, you cant believe that all of a sudden people start fainting at hillary's rally's isn't planned. they dont do anything without
    calculating the effect it will have.

    and have you noticed since the rev. wright story hit the media, that no one is fainting at obama's rally's anymore. kinda funny huh?