Animal Rights in the Classroom

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    Animal rights extremists are trying to invade classrooms in Washington, D.C.

    With the passage of the "Animal Protection Amendment Act," they'd be able to go into schools and indoctrinate children with their bizarre notion of “humane education.”

    The bill would require the D.C. Department of Education provide such instruction. It would also get rid of the phrase "animal owner" in the District of Columbia. No longer would you own a dog or a cat. Now you'd be their "animal guardian."

    It's easy to dismiss these attempts at indoctrination as silly. But the animal rights extremists are serious. They want to change the way you think, the words you use, and the way you live to fit into their agenda. And they won't stop until they get their way.

  2. Windwalker

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    Don't let it pass!

  3. roadie

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    How is that different than what our own government does to us...
  4. TXplt

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    I believe you should treat the animals you keep as pets humanely (and not go out and treat animals cruelly--this is for parents to teach); however, to assert that animals have "rights" similar to humans and that we are "guardians" is absurd.

    Man's a hunter.
  5. Animal rights extremists -retarded people who haven't gone huntin'

    Well in truth, if the animal got me picking up its' crap, I guess it owns me. lmfao.

    But enough is enough. Someone needs to take these people out back and take a willow branch to their backside until they learn...How flippin' ridiculous!
  7. I love animals I eat them and wear their skins. - Terrible Ted
  8. Midas

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    Even as a pet owner, I don't believe that animals have the same rights as humans, however, I believe that one should show respect to animals.
  9. Big Dog

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    You know what they say....

    A dog has an owner.

    A cat has staff. :09:

    But yeah, this kind of thinking and indoctrination is both bizarre and stupid. It will dovetail nicely with their agenda to ban all hunting, fishing, animal sports, the pet trade - ANYTHING involving animals. No more livestock - so no more meat! They will claim reducing the numbers of cows and pigs will help prevent Global Warming - makes me feel all nice & fuzzy, how 'bout y'all?
    These morons will call for the release into the wild of all 'pets'. Think of little Princess or shaggy ol' Poochy suddenly left to fend for themselves, against the wild critters. Not a fate I'd want MY pet to suffer!
    These Animal Activists do not THINK. Their agenda is based solely on naive and misplaced feelings and emotion.
    This crap needs to be nipped in the bud before it contaminates a new generation. :sad2:
  10. roadie

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    Maybe they should start to teach basic respect for life, wether it be human or animal. Today's youth have such a complete disregard for life it's amazing, teaching the young that all life is priceless and should be respected is important, might help to bring up a less violent generation.
  11. Animals don't have "Rights" in the understanding of the term, BUT humans have an "Obligation" to treat them humanely, pets whose needs are seen after, stock that is well tended and provided for. When I kill any animal either fish, game or stock I make sure it's done humanely with as little distress as I can make happen. Many of us here have had to put down beloved pets due to many reasons, tell me you didn't feel that obligation to do it quickly and painlessly as possible for their sake. Treating animals as little people in fur coats is as absurd a notion as I have ever come accross. I have little patience for the yokels that advocate it and less for their message.
  12. more liberal, elitist, mental brainwashing

    Teaching animal rights after a hamburger for lunch - well, that is the
    level of thinking that goes on in some quarters.

    Teaching animal rights when students know nothing of human relationships, how to form and keep a family, how to stay away
    from teenage pregnancy, and so on . . . That is the level of thinking
    that goes on in some quarters.

    FISHPOND G&G Enthusiast

    Well, I guess we need to keep taking our kids hunting and fishing, so they don't get lured into this garbage. Pets have a place in the home, but by no means are they equals to humans, nor will I value thier live over another human. Not saying I beat them, quite the opposite my dogs are loved and cared for, but if they bite my kids or any-one elses they are not going to seen again! I am a pet owner plain and clear.