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Ann Arbor VA hospital follow up.

Discussion in 'Veterans' started by alleyyooper, May 19, 2017.

  1. alleyyooper

    alleyyooper G&G Evangelist

    Since there was not foot doctors at the VA Hospitals close to me I made a appointment with a out side foot doctor. He said I have hammer toes on the right foot but not so bad it will require an operation and maybe with care to use the proper fitting shoes would return to normal on there own.
    My black big toe nails are from what he called cupping, felt the nails had not been trimmed properly and the front was catching in side my boots causing the rear of the nail to want to lift. The second toe with the black nail about to fall off was a fungus and would heal. said none of the stuff they make to clean the fungus up really work well just soak my feet in a Epson salts bath about once a week. The third toe with the front half of a nail and none at the back is also a result of the same fungus, it will heal as well.

    Back home UPS had came and dropped a package in the front steps. Package contained a dozen pairs of socks from the VA. They have a cotton sole only and the rest a man made fiber that wicks moisture away from the feet. Note from the VA said I should wear them to keep my feet dry of sweat that causes some problem such as the fungus.

    :D Al
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