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    I regulary reload, mostly for my .22-250 because i shoot it the most. I've heard that annealing cases makes them last longer without necks cracking. Is this true? If so, how do I go about annealing my cases, is there a certain way to do it? And are there any other benefits to doing this.

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    Yes, if you anneal, your cases will last longer. This is the best article I have seen on how to anneal. It gets straight to the point and also identifies methods which do not work. One main key to this method is using a cartridge holder from Lee which is normally used for case trimming with a drill. The second key is using a temperature stick which is used by welders to determine temperatures for pre and post heating when doing welding. They are very accurate and prevent under and over heating. They are quite inexpensive, and you should find them in the correct temperature range at any place that sells welding supplies -- or at least the industrial welding supply places.

    June, 96 Cases

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