Anorexic Enfield

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    Thought some of you might find this amusing. Wonder if it shoot better since it is now free floated.

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    AKKKK!!! it's neked!!
    Is it being fitted for a new suit?

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    Just wiping the barrel off with a rag to keep it clean. It has what looks like flakes inside the barrel in one spot on the rifling, i think it may be some bullet jackets but there not coming out at all with cleaning.
  4. Try some foam bore cleaner to clean the bore and let it soak overnight.

    NOTE: Change your avatar, this isn't a computer overclocking forum.
    (Try some liquid nitrogen for super overclocking, but don't put it in your barrel and hit it with a hammer)

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    as long as it isnt nasty we can have any avatar we want.
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    Quick hide that photo!
    Some ones going to want to put a quad rail on it.
  7. LOL, if my photo shop skills were better I would put a SWS FF rail in that photo. They do look funny when naked.
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    There is nothing wrong with my avatar.
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    I was thinking yesterday why the enfield resembled another rifle and i remembered what one it looked like.

    What you guys think, look somewhat similar?

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  10. AMD4400

    I was pulling your leg and it was a joke, if you remember I joked about your AMD Processor Logo some time back in another forum.

    I thought it was funny because I build computers as a hobby, I'm running a AMD Processor in this computer and Linux as the operating system.

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    Ya i remember now, sorry, I take things literally and thought you were bashin.

    I put about 5 hours into cleaning the barrel and so much metal flakes are coming out. I think the bullets i am using in reloads are caking inside of it bad. They are old pulled tracers. What kind of metal you think the bullets jacket is? I have no idea.

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    Could they be moly coated?
  13. Are they British or Commonwealth bullets or are they Russian or Communist block country .311 bullets.

    Is the bore cleaner coming out green/blue? If not the bullets could be nickel plated and the plating might be sticking to the inside of a slightly frosted bore.

    Please note more barrels are damaged from cleaning than any other cause, let the cleaning chemicals do the work and spend less time with the cleaning rod in the barrel.

    Below foam bore cleaner and a No.4 Enfield barrel, the foam did all the cleaning work without the use of a cleaning rod or brush.


    The U.S. military uses foam bore cleaner from small arms to artillery pieces.



  14. AMD4400

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    All i know is they are surplus pulled tracers. Yes i am getting a lot of green/blue. I even saw some what looked like fine metal silver that glittered in the cleaning fluid. Where can i buy the cleaning foam that you have pictured. I would really like to know. i would had to be shortening a barrel life buy bad cleaning methods. Also should i switch to a nylon brush?
  15. You should be able to find foam bore cleaner at any of the major sporting goods stores, just Google foam bore cleaner or order it from Midway.

    Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out Brushless Foaming Bore Cleaning Solvent 5 oz Aerosol - MidwayUSA

    Milsurps that shot corrosive ammunition can have a frosted bore meaning the bore has very fine small pits. These pits will "eat" copper bore brushes and give you a false copper reading by leaving small bits of copper from the brush in the pits. A synthetic bore brush will not leave copper but still involves lots of scrubbing.

    Foam bore cleaner requires no scrubbing, no cleaning rod and the foam will remove the copper from the pits in the bore. Bottom line I no longer spend hours scrubbing my milsurp bores, I apply the foam and let it sit overnight and if needed apply again.

    Also remember if you have a frosted pitted bore, the bore is like very, very find sand paper and the first time you shoot it after cleaning the pits will pick up more copper AGAIN.

    I'm retired from a military overhaul depot and just a few years ago saw foam bore cleaner being used on artillery field piece barrels at work. That night on the way home from I bought my first can of foam bore cleaner and I highly recommend it to everyone.

    They tell you when cleaning your ears to not put anything smaller than your elbow inside your ear. This applies to cleaning rods and your rifles bore, how many of you have bore guides to keep the cleaning rod from touching the bore????

    Below is a brand new button rifled bore photo, I have a brand new button rifled .243 and I only use foam to clean the bore. I'm showing you this because even a brand new barrel can be hard to clean.


    Just because your bore shines when looking down the bore doesn't mean it is smooth as glass.



  16. To add to the cleaning of a British Enfield rifle.

    The British and commonwealth soldiers pored boiling water down their bores and then used a pull through to oil the bore. If the bore needed more than this to clean the bore, the decision was up to the squad leader for further bore cleaning.

    In British manuals I have there are the chemicals the "Armourers" mixed together for removing copper from the Enfields bore. This means to me the Armourers decided when "copper bore cleaner" was to be used.

    The bottom line here is the British military used a minimal approach to cleaning the Enfield bore.
    (Spare the cleaning rod and not spoil the barrel)
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    Great info Ed! I have never tried a foaming bore cleaner but I may be a believer now and I will have to give it a try. Good ol' elbow grease is fine but an easier and safer way is better.

    Newbie question, will the foam bore cleaner do any harm to the bluing on the outside of the barrel?
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    I have always used Butches Bore Shine but that stuff looks wicked.
    That reminds me of some of the stuff we used to see in the Navy.
  19. Foam Bore cleaner

    It is my understanding "ALL" foam bore cleaners are made under the Finnish patent licensing and are all the same. I also understand the chemicals are made at only one plant here in the U.S.

    This information above is over three years old and I obtained this information at the military base I worked at as a Inspector in Quality Control.

    The foam bore cleaner is water base, BUT after dry patching the bore it leaves a protective coating in the bore. The artillery pieces I saw cleaned with foam were left with a film in the bore.

    To the best of my knowledge the foam will NOT do any harm to any metal parts but you are advised to remove any from wooden gun stocks finishes.

    "Effective, non-toxic, bore cleaner chemically breaks down copper, brass, powder and more from your bore with the push of a button. Just insert the tube into the chamber, spray the aerosol cleaner, and let your barrel sit for 15 minutes. Thick foam expands to fill the inside of the bore for maximum surface contact. Plus, the cleaner leaves a protective film to decrease future fouling each time you use it."

    Below may be advertising hype, but my Government info is over three years old and this stuff may have been blessed by the Pope.

    Foam Away that Copper and Brush Less
    Next, if you have finished your shooting session, plug the breech and apply Wipe-Out Foam Bore Cleaner through the muzzle. It works best if, holding gun muzzle up, you give it about a 1/2 second squirt, then wait a bit for the bore to fill. Then give it another short jet for good measure. Put some tape over the muzzle, pack the gun up and drive home. After about two total hours dwell time, patch out the bore with a few dry patches. (If fouling is severe, you can let it work overnight). The makers of Wipe-Out say it has corrosion inhibitors so you don't need anything else. But Wipe-Out is water-based so, for peace of mind, we recommend you put some Eezox or light oil on a patch and run it through the bore (we recommend Eezox). Before shooting the next time, dry patch the bore to remove any oil residue.
    Some folks like to run a patch with Lock-Ease graphite to help with Cold Bore Shot accuracy. Also, for a more reliable Cold Bore Shot, reduce Wipe-out dwell time so as to leave a little copper in the bore. If you need to clean faster, such as when shooting a match, run a couple patches soaked with Wipe-Out Accelerator through the bore before applying the foam. The accelerator reduces dwell time by roughly 50%. NOTE: We do not recommend using ANY foam bore cleaner other than Wipe-Out. We've seen evidence that Forester Foam and some of the domestic Wipe-Out imitators promote rust. If you use a foam cleaner, Wipe-Out is the ONLY correct choice.

    The above came from, click on the link below

    Bore Cleaning Method





    On my Enfields and milsurps, I foam the bore and gas systems of AK and SKS and leave them soak overnight and just wipe off the bore and parts.

    On badly frosted and pitted bores, several applications may be needed to remove all the copper. Clean any cosmoline or oil from the bore before applying or the oil will impede cleaning. Its water base and the oil is a film between the foam and bore.