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Discussion in 'M1 Garand' started by Paper, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. Paper

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    Here's the post from a year ago.. Not sure why this and most other posts have been moved to the Powder Keg?? It was a perfectly good M1 Garand post..

    Anway, Tex, Ninja Piper and his friend Chris shot a CMP match this morning.. Beautiful weather!! 60 degrees, almost no breeze, and plenty of laughs!!

    The Match was at my local club, The Beloit Rifle Club in Beloit, WI and I think there's 1 more match left for the year..

    I shot my trusty old Winchester carbine, which was a rack grade rifle I picked up a year ago at the CMP South Store.. I was "gunning" for a Gold medal, but had issues with both rapid fire portions and managed to end up just under the needed points for a silver.. I'll give my nephew my newly aquired bronze medal and see if it get's him interested in shooting a match in the future. :)

    Ninja Piper and Tex shot Garands next to me, and NP's friend and co-worker Chris shot his carbine in the following relay.. I wasn't able to stay for his shooting, but I'm hoping NP posts how he did.. Very nice guy and I hope he makes it to future shoots!!

    Anyway, here's some photos of todays Match..

    Lineup of everyone (except myself and NP)

    Just after Ninja Piper's shot

    Gruesome twosome discussing issues

    More discussion

    Some of the other shooters

    It was a great day to shoot!! Ok, every day's a great day, but this was extra great!! Looking forward to the October match!!
  2. texnmidwest

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    Chris shot pretty well! That little carbine was putting 'em right in there. I don't remember what his score was but for a first match...not bad at all.

    I think we all had a very good time! Loads of fun and the laughs make it all worth while!

    I still have no clue how that chipmunk survived......when he stood up on his hind legs during the sitting relay......

  3. Laufer

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    Looks like fun.

    Those targets appear to be at 100 yards.
    How much larger are the bulls eyes which are used in matches at 200 yards?
  4. Ninja Piper

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    I believe he shot around the 250-260 mark. Not bad for his first time. I still have some fine tuning to do with my Garand. Although I did learn that I will NEVER shoot two relays in one day again! Don't have two matches in me. I am hoping to have my Garand tuned in for the next match! Thanks for the pics Paper!
  5. texnmidwest

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    The targets are set at 100 yards with reduced size targets to simulate 200 yards. Bull is 6" if memory serves me correctly.
  6. rl69

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    im jealous i would love to get into shooting matches

    where can you get official targets ?
  7. Paper

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    I'm not home right now, but I'll send you the manufacturer and part number for the 100 yard target when I get home tomorrow. I've kept some of the targets from the match. I know Ninja Piper has kept his, so maybe he'll reply before I get back.
  8. Paper

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    In case anyone has the itch, the last CMP match of the year at my club will be on Oct 3rd..

    Arrive around 6:45ish and get your paperwork filled out (less than 5 minutes) and walk out to the range.. It's Springfields, Garands, Carbines, or any Vintage Military weapon. That means you're welcome to shoot your Mauser, K31, Mosin, or whatever and be eligible for a medal if you shoot well enough.. If not, I bet you'll still have fun!!

    And you can shoot AR's or whatever also, but these guns aren't eligible for medals in the match..

    $15 for a non-BRC member to shoot, and if you're shooting Garand or Springfield, the club "sells" 60 rounds of Greek 30-06 ammo for $20. Oh, and those under 18 must have a gardian present, but can shoot for $5.

    And if you don't have a Garand, and want to shoot a match, the club has 4 loaner rifles that are already sighted in and ready to go..

    And don't forget that if you're kicking around ordering a CMP rifle, shooting this match completes the Shooting requirement. You'll receive a certificate of completion after the match which is from the CMP.

    Beloit Rifle Club

    If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a PM.. I'll be there, and chances are Texinmidest, and hopefully Ninja Piper will be there too!! Great guys, both!!

    And PLEASE, don't think that the matches are only for seasoned shooting aces.. This is for EVERYONE!! It's fun and a way to better your shooting.. Shoot the match this fall and then show up again next spring and see if you can better yourself!! The only person you're shooting against is yourself, anyway!!:yup: Everyone there is more than happy to help if you have any issues or questions.. It's all about having a good time!
  9. texnmidwest

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    I can attest that CMP shoots are a great fun! Paper is very correct when he says the people at the club are helpful! They will go out of their way to help a new shooter or anyone that asks! Loads of fun!
  10. LarBar

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    Paper, I see on the Beloit site it says event held in Lodi WI.
    Is this just a miss print?
    My 19th wedding anniversary is that day and I'm tryin
    to figure an angle.
    Had a great time during the winter shoot and got the itch once again.
    Maybe my wife can spot for me. Any good shopping up that way?

  11. Paper

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    There's a High Power Silouette shoot in Lodi on that day, but the CMP match is in Beloit, as usual.. There more than one event on the calendar that day.

    Well Larry, as much as I've enjoyed shooting with you, I can't figure out how you'd be able to get a morning of shooting in on your 19 anniversary, UNLESS!!! Bring her along and she can shoot, too!! :deal: Problem solved!!

    We always have 2 or 3 couples who shoot together..

    Shopping around here?? Eh..We've got a Gander Mountain in both Rockford and Janesville.. :p
  12. Ninja Piper

    Ninja Piper G&G Evangelist

    I've got drill on the 3rd!!! That sucks!! I am going to try to make an Appleseed shoot before the end of the year though. Plus this gives me until next season to get the bugs in my Garand sight worked out!
  13. texnmidwest

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  14. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    Oct 3rd 2010

    Just a reminder for those that might be interested.. This Sunday, Oct 3rd. Sign up at 7am, shooting at 8am..
  15. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    Had a good time with Tex and LarBar today.. Tex shot very well, and managed to earn his very first medal, a bronze, while shooting his SA SG Garand. Larry fought with his Garand some, but I think we all had a good time!!

    At least we all had a better time than the shooter to my left.. He's a retired Dr. from Rockford, IL and he's a very, very good shot.. Today he was using his 03A3 and the spring on the rear sight broke while shooting.. He ended up shooting right at the top of the target.. He tried to tape it down for the next ten rounds, only to have the tape slide and cover the rear sight.. That must have been very frustrating..

    Anyway, the season ended for me with a distracted shoot, with me thinking about many things, rather than the shoot itself. I managed to squeeze out a bronze medal with my Quality Hardware carbine, but I could (and should) have done better.. Oh well, there's always next year. :)
  16. Ninja Piper

    Ninja Piper G&G Evangelist

    I really should have said screw drill and came to the shoot! I could have shot a 3 and still had a better day than this weekend! It is amazing how one drill weekend can make a person seriously consider ending a military career after 10 years.

    BTW, Tex said he got a silver!
  17. jerry

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    Darn it I spaced this on the 3rd. Might like to come up next year if you all will have me. Hang in there on the drill thing dude. i had alot of those. Your at the 10 year mark, no turning back now. Iv'e know people who have done it and been very upset with themselves. You can always cross train out of the cop shop. Get a good donut eatin job like CE or such:)
  18. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    Jerry, I'll post next year's schedule when I get it.. I know there's going to be a match in late Feb, too..

    I thought Tex got a bronze, but they were out and they gave him a silver instead.. Or did he shoot well enough to get a silver??

    Dunno, just glad to see him shoot well.. His rapid fire sitting killed him, or he would have gotten a really high score!!
  19. texnmidwest

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    Paper is correct! I shot a 439 which gave me a bronze. They were out of bronze medals so they gave me a silver. I am going to trade it in for the correct medal next shoot. Ruins it when I don't have a medal I can be proud of.

    I did have a great time.

    BTW there is still the shoot in February!!!