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    seems in albuquerque a man escaped from the local county jail while still cuffed(drug violation of course), to remove the cuffs he went to the rail yard and hooked them to a moving sante fe line locomotive, brilliant, he lived but with lots of broken bones, now thats a man who should not breed
  2. Big Dog

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    He only gets "Honorable Mention", since a true Darwin Awrd winner has the good fortune to have removed himself from the gene pool.
    The guy who escaped prison in Costa Rica back in June, and tried to return to Panama through the jungle, and got eaten by a crocodile. He was a true Darwin Awardee. :p

  3. Calvin

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    It's a shame the guy didn't get plowed under about 6 feet in the process.....
  4. Chris

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    Wow that is just a bit stupid......I know a few people like that...good thing they stay at least 500 miles away from me!
  5. Klaus

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    Darwin Award recipients do not necessarily have to kill themselves, destroyed reproductive organs also count. I help weed out bogus entries in the Slush Pile. About 3/4 of the entries are repeats, lies, or Urban Legends.
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