Another Darwin Winner

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  1. Airbag Weapons[​IMG][SIZE=-1]
    1999 Honorable Mention
    Confirmed True by Darwin[/SIZE](April 1999, South Africa) In South Africa, car-jacking has become popular in recent years. The South African law has lenient provisions for self defence, and allows "lethal action" if someone's personal property is in danger. Citizens are inventive in creating martial security systems for their cars. Poison gas, acid showers, flamethrowers and automatic gunfire are not unknown. One such security system relied upon an airbag installed in the car roof. If a driver sat down without disabling the mechanism, the airbag would inflate and hit the victim atop his head
    with a force strong enough to render him unconscious. And that is exactly what happened to Pieter Niewoudt, who, armed with a pistol, attempted to steal this vehicle. When the airbag exploded, he thought that someone was shooting at him, and he instinctively fired the pistol twice. Unfortunately for him, his gun was still in his pocket at the time. One bullet hit his knee, and the other lodged in the base of his (You know what). The consequences of his injuries may include sterility, making him a contender for the 1999 Darwin Award.
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    Aw, that's too bad. Thievin' bastage.....

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    Now if only we could exercise such defense measures...
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    hahahha, what an idiot!

    i wonder if there are plans on the internet to do that "modification" to my car?
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    Have no use for a thief. Just punishment as far as I am concerned.
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    Another Darwin award! Love those things!
  7. Bwahahahahaha,, Shot hisself in the wanker.. Ya' just gotta' love the entertaining idiots.