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Another kid killed

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Snakebite, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. A couple of days ago here in Tucson a 5 year old kid got ahold of his stepdads handgun in the closet. Tragically the kid shot himself in the head. Arizona dosnt have any laws on the books that require punishing the gun owner but they arrested him on negligent homicide and child abuse charges. The strange thing about the story is that the kids mother and the rest of her family do not want the step father to be punished because they say that the stepfather and the kid were very close and they were "each others buddies". They also dont want to be stereotyped as bad people just because they live in the bad part of town. Everyone said it was an accident. I'm sure it was but it was a 100% avoidable accident. I wrote in another post about feeling a little sorry for the lady that started the fire in Colo brcause the forest would someday be green again but I dont feel the least bit sorry for this guy because the kid will never come back. I think he should go to jail regardless of what the kids family thinks.
  2. So what's the answer--Lock your weapons up--so they are no use to you in a critical situation or teach your children well. I grew up where firearms were accesible--I'm still alive. My dad taught me well in the use of firearms. Heck he kept his Ruger Super Blackhawk 44 mag in the closet fully loaded, I'm still here. It's a sad thing for a child to die because he didn't know any better.

  3. Eric

    Eric G&G Newbie

    I'm with Alan on this one. My very first memories are with guns around. When I learned to walk, I was going to the range with my dad or sitting beside him, in a Dove field. I think the flyer the NRA put out awhile back where a Very bad person broke into a house with a, 6 year old boy, and his two sisters 8 and 12. While he was trying to break in, the 12 yr old girl took them to a back bedroom and hid the other two under the bed, she went to her parents room to get the gun out of the cabinet It was locked...she beat it with a chair and tried everything to get to the gun (she went shooting with her dad all the time and was a good shot, according to her dad), she finally broke in and grabbed the gun with a trigger lock on it. Then she heard her sister screaming, she ran in there and saw her brother dead on the floor and he was attempting to rape her 8 year old sister. She immediately ran to the kitchen and got a knife and went back to the bedroom and stabbed the guy screaming, "You leave my sister alone!"as he was doing his thing. He then turned on her...she did not survive, but gave her little sister time to get away. Her little sister said she first told her "not to worry, I'll go get the a gun." I believe the story went just like that. If anybody remembers it or knows where it's at please post it.
    Teach your children from the get go!!!!!!! JMHO

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    Believe me he is already suffering more than you could ever sentence him with. I don't like these type of "child laws" because they limit my right to protect myself from violence. They are also supported by gun control commies because the fear of jail will lead some to get rid of their guns and prosecute others and makes criminals out of people who are not. Keeping a gun in your room in the closet and telling your kids to never touch it and teaching them the danger is responsible parenting.

    I keep my pistol unloaded bc it is a revolver. I used to have a semi auto that I kept a clip in but not chambered. My oldest son is 6 and does not try to sneak into playing with my guns. My 4 yo saw it one day while I was hadling it and said POW POW, so it is clear that he knows what it is for, but he is unable to comprehend the dangers of it at this time. We also do not alow our kids to be in our room unsupervised, and also rarely leave them in the house by themselves with the occasional exception of taking out the trash etc... Once they reach an older age (10+) I will have to start taking even more cautions.

    I contend that knowledge is the most effective tool in stopping this type of danger. However kids are individuals and have minds of their own and extra caution should always be taken.
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    Another kid, 8 years old, shot his cousin,5, here in Ohio yesterday. The weird thing is the 8 year-old hid his cousins body in a dumpster until he was grilled by police. Don't know yet whose gun it was or where he found it.
    I'm against the laws pertaining to secure storage myself. I hate it when things like this happen, but kids are killed in car accidents every day. It's the rarity of these incidents that draw so much attention. I think if these idiots who scream for more gun control actually could think for themselves, they would see it's a terrible fact of life. Accidents happen. What law could possibly stop an accident? None, and it's the feeling of helplessness that spurs these morons on. You can take every safety measure in storing your firearm, but if someone REALLY wants it, they will either get yours or someone else's.
    Sorry for the rant-been a bad day........
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    How can a 5 year old get a hold of a loaded gun in the first place? The step father had to have been EXTREMELY negligent. It seems the firearm had to have been:
    A. accessable to the 5 year old, within reach and unlocked
    B. loaded
    C. cocked
    and D. Off safety
    Now, I do not think all guns should be kept empty and locked, but you have to take SOME reasonable precautions around kids. I don't have any kids, but I do not keep rounds chambered in my pistols on general safety grounds. If I think I may need it, I rack the slide as soon as I grab it to make it ready, so I do not have to assume a round is chambered.
  7. I am keying on 5 year old kid. whether you like to lock your guns or not, or leave them loaded or not, young kids will be kids. It is the same reason you keep the posion substances in place where they can't get to it. At that age they sometimes do things even after being told not to numerous times, it's called adult supervison. It might be different with a 12 or 13 year old, even then I would want to be careful. But if a 5 year old was able to get to that gun and pull the trigger it must have been very easy to get to.
  8. In Arizona a conviction of child abuse carries a automatic 10 year sentence. And, because it is child abuse, the law requires that the inmate be isolated from the rest of the prison population for his/her own safety.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Very sad, this man will have to live with this the rest of his life and no punishment could be worse than that. This was totally avoidable and gets the antis pointing fingers again!