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Discussion in 'Mausers' started by ChesterGolf, Apr 9, 2002.

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    I just bought another mauser. These things are everywhere when you start looking!! You guys did such a good job IDing my first one, here is another challenge. Missing letters this time...(underline denotes missing letters)

    On the top of the barrel is "CARL G____S STADS"

    On the side of the barrel is "HK 463252" and under the internal mag. in front of the trigger are two crowns and "252".
    Again, any help would be great.
  2. lefty o

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    swedish mauser. carlgustafs stadts gevarsfatori. right under that should be the year of manufacture. the crowns are swedish proof marks, you might find them on the stock also, underneath about two inches behind the trigger gaurd. 252 is the last three of the serial number of the rifle that part originally came on. just abouyt every part will have the last three #'s stamped on them, except the band retaining springs, and the rear sling swivel. probably has the numbers stamped inside the stock also. should be caliber 6.5x55 swedish. 5 round box mag. small ring mauser-this is the very best of the small ring mausers, does it still have the brass disk on the stock-these can tell you about the condition of the barrel when the swedes retired it. these are probably the most accurate military mausers ever made. hows that i could go on and on about these things, just love them swedes. :cool:

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    Thanks for the info... it is 6.5x55 and there is a brass circle on the stock. I'll get it out and post what is on it.