Another One That Needs A Range Day...

Discussion in 'AR15' started by ChaZam, May 30, 2020.

  1. ChaZam

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    This is a 224 Valkyrie that I put together a little bit earlier. Anderson lower, Anderson LPK with stainless hammer & trigger, 22" barrel with 1-6.5 in twist from CBC industries, LUTH AR MBA-1 butt stock kit. Nothing fancy, but it sure deserves a range day.
    ******************* IMGP1536.JPG IMGP1537.JPG IMGP1538.JPG IMGP1539.JPG IMGP1540.JPG IMGP1541.JPG IMGP1544.JPG
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    ChaZam: Sir; nice :) Now :) about that range review :)
    :) waiting:)
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  3. ChaZam

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    I assembled this stuff yesterday also. The top one has a 1-8 twist lightweight 223 Wylde barrel. The 2 stainless barrels are lightweight profile 5.56x45 NATO with the 1-7 5R twist. I thought I had another stripped lower, but after looking every place imaginable it appears I need to go shopping for another one. I do have a couple carbine butt stock kits. I need to buy about 5 sets of affordable back up iron sights too. 20200531_164925~2.jpg
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    And then last night I built a lower that I bought Friday so that I had something to pin that lonesome complete upper to that is in the picture in my prior comment...

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  5. Nice Build! I especially like the slim fore grip and full length top rail. I'm always happy to see a build with good furniture... Never understood the large free-floats bristling with rails everyplace you could stick one as they always felt like you were trying to hold onto a porcupine!
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    Yes sir, I'm not a fan of quad rails either. Way to many sharp edges on most of them and I ALWAYS felt like I needed a glove on my left hand when shooting them. I really like the hand guard I put on this last one that has the interrupted top rail with just a short section of rail at the front and the rear.
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    Sometimes this was there on a deal on an upper; the older Daniel Defense rifles had a long quad rail but it isn’t particularly sharp (and they are fine rifles).

    One advantage is you don’t have to add mloc or keymod sections later. I have all of the above in styles. And I really like my DDM4 although it didn’t come with a decent trigger and I had to add one.

    My solution has been those plastic inset sections which you can cut around things you want to hang and are quite cheap and work well. In the case of the DD they even came with the rifle.
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    Nice ChaZam, but your closet has got to be getting full by now. Haha You have certainly put together some nice rifles. This is habit forming for sure. Good thing I have a wife and 2 daughters to spend all my money for me or I would have a whole house full of these things...
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    ^^, JJ, one thing that pleases me about the AR platform is that they have kept plugging away and have come up with so many different solutions and improvements.

    Back when I started putting these together I took the regular GI type hand guards off of a couple and installed round aluminum free float tubes from Model 1 Sales and DPMS. They were fluted, slotted, and knurled. The weight and shape of those I really liked. To install accessories though you had to get creative and do some additions of rail sections with screws and nuts or rivets, plus the slots machined into them didn't always index at 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°. On a 100° F Texas day they were unbearable hot so gloves became a necessity. And then along came the quad rails which could be indexed properly, so I retrofitted a couple with quad rails. Well they too get fairly hot on those Texas inferno summer days, and all the sharp edges and angles were no more pleasant to me than the heat. Well that led to the need for those plastic inserts that you referred to and I still wore the gloves a high percentage of the time.

    So then along came the numerous free float hand guards that utilize M-Lok or KeyMod accessories with their propriety barrel nuts that are so easy to index, some utilizing a few shims and others that can be indexed without the use of shims. Some of the affordably priced knockoffs of the name branded stuff is pretty good stuff too at $100 or more dollars below their prices. Hey, money is important when you're on SS (LOL) I have to say that I prefer these to any thing else that I've tried so far. (still need gloves in Texas inferno heat though)
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    Reminds me I gotta take my last AR build out to the range some more.
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    I can tell that I am no “operator”...I have a few different styles of handguards, and gravitate to the simple plastic non-floating guards most often. I like the free floating stuff, but it just never is as comfortable to use. I even added the picatinny rails to the bottom of the plastic guards so I could add a grip/bipod, and that was ok, but I still end up with the simple plastic guards alone.
    If I ever need a flashlight mounted on the gun I can always use duct tape.
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