Another reason mail-in voting is questionable

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  1. mitchr

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    My wife has voted by mail before, so she received a form, today, from the county vote registrar to apply for mail in ballot for this year. It does have a provision for a witness if the voter can't sign his/her name & also if she was assisted in filling out the form.
  2. I've gotten 3 "Request your mail in ballot" things and they've all hit the trash. I plan on voting in person. Possibly early if I'm near an early voting site or I'll go to my usual location.
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  3. chesterwin

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    I've gotten at least 3 mail in ballot forms. Our State is being sued by the RNC as a result of election laws passed by legislation being overturned by fiat. Get your belts tightened. I think we're on the verge of things getting really ugly.
  4. Huey Rider

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    Wife got another the other day...that makes her third; I’ve gotten two. Immediately went into the circular file.
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    We should be fighting fire with fire! Instead of trashing them, send them all in! See if you get 3 ballots & can vote 3 times.:p If the libs can get away with it, so can we!:oops:
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