Another Royal Glock-up

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    Proff that gun locks make life safe for criminals....this is so silly maybe I should put it in the humor form.....

    ANOTHER ROYAL GLOCK-UP Protection squad lose key to their guns case

    Norman Silvester Exclusive

    ELITE police guarding Prince Charles arrived in Scotland without the key to their gun box.

    The six-strong Royal Protection Unit left the keys on a desk in their London base before setting out for Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh, where the prince was staying with Camilla Parker Bowles during a week-long visit to Scotland.

    The blunder was discovered when officers went to open the box - containing Glock 9mm automatics, handguns, and rifles - in Holyrood.

    The officers from the Metropolitan Police had to borrow bolt-cutters from local cops to open the box - dubbed No. 1 case - before starting duty.

    A security expert said: "There were red faces all round when they realised what had happened.

    "They had to phone London and a desk sergeant told them the keys were still lying on the table."

    A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police yesterday said they did not comment on security matters.

    The incident is the fourth firearms blunder involving police guarding the Royals in just two years.

  2. Geez, you mean they don't have voice command locks.

    Where are these the ice age?

    I wonder if they were protecting Princess Di?....God bless her.

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    Oh Doglips, I know you're not associating Glocks with something as stupid as those cops! Glock had nothing to do with that. Stupid cops though, that's for sure!
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    give'em back their truncheons!!! all they needed to do is get one of the local hoodilums to open it for them!!!:rolleyes:
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    Have they ever heard the term,"BACKUP"? "Gee,I thought YOU had the key."
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    More on Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh

    Or throw a few scions at anyone threatening the safety of the prince.(ha) They're usually about as hard as 4" rocks.

    As a little sidebar...two years ago I toured the palace there in Edinburg, Scotland. The castle guards looked slightly smarter than has been reported, though.(ha) To get to the castle you must climb about 200-300 steps up a hill where the ancient fortress overlooks Princess Street. Got to ride on a double decker city bus for the first time there, too. Whoopee!

    Also, the question of whether or not men wore anything under their Scotish kilts was answered clearly during one of our evening meals. A group of motorcycle bikers touring Scotland had one of their riders wearing a kilt and he flashed them at their dinner table.
    That proved his point.(ha)


    Oxford :D :nod: