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ans/M1 Garand Quiz

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Hi all
The year 1929 is correct. The two orders in 1929 are dated Jan. 14, 1929 and March 23, 1929. Ordnance had gone over to the .276 caliber at this time and ordered the .30 caliber closed out.
Thanks again
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just a question, but what rifle did they produce in that caliber?
It was of the Garand model.
Thanks again
i though it was the other way around

I thought the first model garand was the .276 then after someone realized they had all the WW1 surplus 30.06 laying around, they ordered the garand testing in the 30 cal. :fuss:
Ed is referring to the first Garand models - one of which goes back to a primer-actuated model made in 1921. The early ones were in .30 caliber, back to .276 and BACK to .30.

Read Billy Pyle's "Gas Trap Garand" book -- an EXCELLENT look at the early history of the Garand. Allthese facts are mentioned (and discussed in some detail) in Mr. Pyle GREAT book.

HIGHLY recommended!
Guys Rick is correct. During this time Ordnance was also looking at .256 Cal. All of this had Ordnance going around and around. Until the Chief Of Staff called the ball.
I hope this data helps
Thanks again
I read my script starting at the 100 yd line

I like to know the history and such, but am more interested in reading my scripts starting at the 100yd line then going further out.
If everyone read the books mentioned, we all would know it all and have nothing to talk about or learn from each other.

Keep up the quizes, :nod:

So far I have one book WWII edition of Scott Duff. Next will be the data sheet then who knows.
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