Anti gun article, and one man's response.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Big Dog, Oct 14, 2002.

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    I couldn't let this crap stand unchallenged. I know, fat lot of good it'll do, but it sure felt good to heave a few facts at her.

    And the 'Dog's response:

    "Ms. Tucker,
    I enjoy reading fiction as much as the next person, and this article is replete with inaccuracies, wild conjecture and dare I say it, outright lies. I know where you are coming from, raised a nice conformist Left-wing Liberal - but come now! To demonize some six million honest firearm owners with this drivel does you and your paper no justice.

    "Yet felons and terrorists have access to high-powered firearms sold at gun shows, where no background checks are required."
    In truth, by Federal law, all transactions between licensed dealers and the public require the "instant call-in" check, to see if the buyer has a criminal record or other problems precluding firearm ownership. For handguns, there is the addition of a mandatory waiting period. No legitimate dealer will jepardise his career and liberty by selling to a felon or terrorist.

    "Yet last year's anthrax attacks killed only five."
    Well, that certainly puts those five lives in perspective. Automobile related deaths are in the thousands nationwide every year - yet you don't call for banning cars. Hmmmmm . . .

    "Yet Americans tolerate casual sales of the most deadly battlefield-ready firearms to civilians, including weapons, such as the one used by the Washington-area sniper, which can be accurate at a distance of up to 500 yards. Other sniper rifles, also legal, are accurate and deadly at ranges of a mile or more and can pierce an inch of armor."
    With the afore mentioned checks, the sales are certainly not "casual". Any good hunting rifle meets the new Liberal description of a "sniper rifle". Indeed, most military "sniper rifles" are indeed modified hunting rifles. The last sentence references the .50 caliber anti-materiel weapons used by the military, and a few extremely heavy and expensive ultra-long range hunting weapons. These are out of the means of most of us to buy, expensive to feed and maintain, and require extensive training to use properly. They are even in the scope of this article.

    "But the nation's gun lobby has successfully fought off not only the registration of firearms but also "ballistics fingerprinting."
    They fought what was a bald-faced attempt at back-door gun registration. Well done, NRA and others! Name one instance where having a criminal's fingerprints on record kept him/her from committing a crime. You can't. Tracing a car used in a crime might result in recovery of the vehicle, or it's stripped carcass. It doesn't prevent the crime. Stolen guns can sometimes be tracked by serial number and traced back to dealer or lawful owner, but that won't tell who stole it.

    "Ashcroft is such a faithful acolyte of Second Amendment absolutism that he refused to allow FBI agents to search through records of gun sales earlier this year to see whether any firearms had been purchased by terrorist suspects."
    Uh, hello? Terrorists don't buy their weapons by legal means. Neither do criminals. There is a reason they are called criminals. They break laws, they don't obey them. Please remove your head from your posterior and take a deep breath. The fresh air will do you a world of good.

    This has been just my two cents worth, not adjusted for inflation. And yes, I am an honest, lawful gun owner.

    L. Revell "
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    Pretty much well written....

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    A+ you have successfully defended the Second Amendment, you pass debate class!


    PS that makes you a master debater! HA
  4. I'm shocked


    I'm shocked that someone with her head that far up her backside can still write anything.................

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    Good man! Have him join us!
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    Oh, I've been here for awhile!

    That was my response to her drivel. I normally don't bother E-mailing these Libs. It's an execrcise in frustration - you won't convince them, they won't convince you. But this twit was just so full of it. At least I feel a little better now. ;)