Any 1873 Trapdoor Experts here?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jpwilly, May 24, 2008.

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    I have a line on an 1873 Trapdoor with a very very low serial number of 84X. It was a first year production and looks okay. As far as I can tell the stock is original and had the correct markings. the rest of the rifle matches. The lock is tight and barrel has good lands the blueing is only 10% at best but not a rusted rifle either. It has the sling and bayonet. Any idea if this is a good buy for $900?
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    If the Blueing was more intact , it sounds like it would be worth a lot more...
    Blue Book value at 60% is 650.00 , at 70% is 775.00 , at 80% is 1,150.00, at 90% is 1500.00...I hope this helps...
    It is hard for me to grade without good pictures just by description...
    900.00 doesnt sound too far off if the bore is good and the cartouches are present on the stock...
    AND if it is a short barreled carbine it is worth TRIPLE...(22 inch barrel that is original, Not a cut down !)

  3. Well,

    as Mooseman states it is a bit difficult without a picture and perhaps a number of pictures.

    However, this might really work as a long term investment.