Any Fence Builders Here?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by toolman, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. toolman

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    If any of you guys get bored tomorrow, ya'll can come to Sylvester, Tx and help me fence off 10-15 acres of my FIL's pasture for our new hunting\food plot. It's been raining for the last couple of days so driving T-Posts should be easy but the walk to the next post may suck a bit.
    After fencing, we're going to plow it and plant wheat in the hopes that the deer will magically appear on Nov. 1.
    Me being a skeptic and all, I'm putting up a feeder before we even start this fence krap.
    You folks not from Tx.-well, you just have to experience it in person, it's not anything like being able to hunt trophy deer on public land in Il., Ia, Mn. etc...We're hunting private property with less than 20 trees on the whole 500 acre property so you HAVE to feed and hide out in a blind unless you enjoy watching a whole lot of nothing.
    Hopefully, we'll still be able to keep our hunting spot in the south field as we know it's a hotspot for deer.
  2. kansascoyote

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    It would help alot if you planted rye grass, wheat , clover mix .

  3. Steve

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    Kansascoyote is correct toolman and i can speak from experience as I have been planting and maintaining several deer plots for several years now and be assured if no one else around is planting and fresh food for the deer they will come, I know because i have succesfully pulled many of the deer off the 6000 acres that ajoins my 80 acres because they do not plant anything for the deer to eat. Here is a picture of a couple of good bucks that have moved onto my place to partake of my planted food. [​IMG] Steve
  4. samuel

    samuel G&G Newbie

    Thats great!Love the pics!Do you ever see any big bucks there?(just had to ask)
  5. .22hustler

    .22hustler G&G Evangelist

    If I was closer, I'd be glad to help...
  6. chesterwin

    chesterwin G&G Evangelist

    Nice picture Steve! Around here the bucks usually run togeather in "batchlor" groups and the does and yearlings run togeather. Another month or so and the bucks will go solitary as the does start going into heat... Food plots are the way to go if there is no agriculture around. I've found that it seems as far as desired crops go, peanuts are favored. Followed by soy beans and then corn.
  7. DaTeacha

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    If you're plowing and planting, you have a tractor available, right? Does it have a loader? When I put in T posts, I carry them in the FL bucket and use the weight of the bucket to push them in. Take a little care to make sure the bottom of the bucket is flat against the post top or that you have some kind of stop so the post doesn't slide and it's easy. Having a guy on ground helps. A post pounder gets old after a while.

    Are you running woven wire then or what?
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  8. thicket

    thicket G&G Regular

    the fencing is to keep the cattle out of the food plot?

    have a water source in the plot area?

    you might want to plant around a tree or two. notice in sbowers5's picture, they are all standing in the shade.
  9. SwedeSteve

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    I'd be glad to help if I could make it down there.
  10. TGF

    TGF G&G Newbie

    Lets see some pictures when its done, I may be doing this exact job around about 5 acres for some live stock
  11. toolman

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    Thanks for all of the kind words guys. We ended up getting rained out so it's been postponed until next week. I worked on my shop all day yesterday and am pretty well crippled up today as a result. For some reason, crawling around in the floor doing sheetrock work and building workbenches hurts more than it did when I was younger.
    I've got pains in places that I didn't even know could hurt!
  12. dhermesc

    dhermesc G&G Evangelist

    I wish you'd come up here and shoot some the goat vermin we have. I put in a two wire electric fence for my son's bucket calf last spring. For a week straight the deer tore it down every night. I finally shot two of them at twilight and I guess word got around and they quit passing through that area. A couple years ago I killed 7 of them before they would quit stripping all the leaves off my fruit trees.

    My brothers shoot around 50 every fall during harvest trying to thin them *(&^ things out. Its common to be combining corn and suddenly have a herd of 20 break out of the stalks and go tearing across the field.

    Its not so much deer hunting as it is "deer selecting". Its not unheard of for a deer "hunter" to hit a deer with his pickup while driving out to his deer stand early in the morning.
  13. TGF

    TGF G&G Newbie

    What did you choose to use for corner posts.
  14. toolman

    toolman Resident Sasquatch Forum Contributor

    I'm not sure yet but for speed and simplicity I'm guessing drill stem installed with a hydraulic post driver. My stepson and I have differing views on which area to fence as I like the lower(S\E) corner with the only two trees in the field, while he wants it in the N\E corner because it's more isolated. We may split the difference and put the corner post halfway between the existing N\S fences so when the north corner flops (I think it will), we can just use the existing wire and T-posts and connect to the south fence.
    If I could figure out how to post a link to Google Earth, I'd show ya'll a pic of what and where we're doing, but I can't get it to work.