Any one bag a Moose yet?

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by AllAlaskan, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. I was just curios if any one had bagged a big boy yet? Im going to go out this afternoon for a little bit outside of town and see if I cant bag one. I have heard of a couple people so far that have gotten a moose around here so figured Im ganna go try my luck tonight.
  2. Palladin8

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    Well good luck on the moose. Don't believe we have em in NV and in UT it's a once in a lifetime draw.

  3. Thanks, I dont have my hopes too high, learned not to do that lol. BUT I would be estatic if I got one. Even just a spike fork.
  4. moosemike

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    If you get one make sure you show us some pics.
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    Our first ever Early Moose season closed last night at Midnite...There are too many leaves on the trees to see a moose right now. Our second season opens Sept.1-20th here...It should be cooler, less meat eating hornets to deal with, and leaves should be falling off the willows . so I'm waiting for now.
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    I am waiting too! I am waiting for Moose to wander down here from the northern part of the state! We do have black bears now so who knows!
  7. Well went out sat for a few hours then did some walking didnt see any thing, So I drove up the road a little ways to explore and came back and sat for a little more. As I was walking back to my truck 2 moose stepped out of the woods but it was getting to dark and I THINK one of them was a spike but it was hard to tell and I wasnt about risk shooting a cow lol. Besides I think it was to dark to legally shoot one but its early in the seasen down here (Aug 25-Sept 25). The spot where the 2 popped out at was almost exactly where I was at earlier this afternoon So im thinking this Saterday morning Im ganna go back out early in the morning on that spot and that afternoon. Maby I will get lucky. O well still have more time plus Im suppose to go out up to Talkeetna in a couple weeks so who knows :D

    The leaves are just starting to turn yellow so its really hard to see em down here atm too there moose. I just figured the more I go out the better my chances are, even though its early you never know. WHile I was out I did here about 4 gun shots go off through the whole afternoon. So im sure some one got a moose, or bear. Id Take either atm lol. Black bear that is, not ganna eat grizzly so no point in hunting em to me.
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    My friend Brad's Grandson got his first Moose North of Palmer the other day. He's 15, and shot a nice spike/fork.
  9. nice :D Im not after a big rack, I would be happy with a Spike/fork or a Black bear even. I will problubly go back out early tomarrow morning too.

    Where at did he get his moose Steve? Out by Jim creak or up more by Sutton?
  10. I dont even hunt them anymore, to **** much work after you kill the big guys.
    somewhere along the line I have done to much damage to this old body.
    I pretty much just do the small game thing these days, short easy day hunts.
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    Closer to Sutton AA. And I def know what you mean Privateer !! These old bones just don't move like they used to !!
  12. Well I went out yesterday saw a big bull, but he saw me first....Today I saw a spike fork. We pulled up to the spot where I wanted to get out and try some calling (more or less practicing calling lol) and I get out shut my door quietly and my buddy who was with me slams his door, unknowingly to us there was a spike fork about 40 yards away lol, as he slammed his door the moose jumped up and took off then stopped long enuph for me to see he was indeed a spike but Never got a good shot off. The one split second I had a shot I forgot to take my safety off. But the last 2 times I went out I saw 2 bulls for sure Which is a good sign. Im hoping that this meens its just a matter of time lol. I thought about going out again tomarrow but im running on very little sleep so hopefully day after tomarrow I will be up for another outing.

    you live and still learning lol. Its still early in the seasen so im not to worried......yet.
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    I have had someone do the same thing while out hunting. What can you do? Making them walk home and think about what they did? Nah just have to give them a lot of crap and get a laugh or two out of it.
  14. Ya he felt bad, every 5 mins he kept going "Dangit, I cant believe i did that! sorry man" lol I know he felt bad but at the same time I know he didnt do it on purpose....if he had he would have been walking home lol.
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    Good luck with your moose hunt, I will be starting my archery elk hunt in a week or so. One of these years I'll go for moose. Good hunting in the north and east part of the province, a few around Brandon but archery draw only. In the north and east it's a general season and no draw but a bit of a drive. My elk hunting spots are close half hour give or take a few minutes.
  16. ya the place where I have been hunting is about 20-30 mins from where I live, if i really wanted i coud get there in 10-15 but I drive real slow once i get on the trail and watch out in the swamps and fields (sorta fields lol) on the way there too.
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    Best of luck AA. ,,,sam.
  18. Thanks sam, I plan on going back out tomarrow morning. Maby I will get lucky :D
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    Did you find Bullwinkle yet ??
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    And Mooseman & Moosemike have managed to escape being shot so far ;)