any one made their own bow?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by matt760, May 17, 2008.

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    i was screwin around in shop class the other day and found a piece of walnut that had been ripped off a big piece of walnut. the board was bowed real bad so the small piece had a perfect bow to it. i decided to make a long bow out of it. its very stiff. does walnut have enough flex to actually use this thing or is it just going to be brittle and break. i'm going to make it either way. if walnut isnt safe to use i'll just make it pretty and hang it on my wall. if it is safe i might try shooting it. what do you all think? what are most long bows made out of?

    i know most bows (recurves expecially) are steamed to get the shape but does a long bow really have much of a permanent curve to it like a recurve? do i need to figure out a way to steam it? will this make it more flexible?
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    Bow making

    matt760: Sir; go to Bow Building-Backing & Lumber-3River site.
    Mostly it seems that Walnut in laminations will work?

    I checked bow making on Google a long time ago.

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    do you know what kind of wood the Indians used to make their bows out of? i'm gonna finish this one whether i can shoot it or not. just wanted someone else's opinion on the probablity of it shattering into a thousand eye stabbing splinters the first time i draw the string back. if this one turns out okay maybe i'll try laminating wood and building another one. we'll see how it goes.
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    Building Bows

    matt760: Sir; probably the best resource is at "The University of Iowa Office of the State Archeology dept."

    Good luck. :)
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    If you're worried about the thing splintering and taking an eye or two out with it just chord wrap it when you're done.

    And wear eye protection.
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    There is a man about 10miles from me that makes recurved an even compound bows very nice I have a recurve I bought from him very high quality but he did not like how the finish looked so he made me a sweet deal.
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    i just decided to do this on a whim. i saw the piece of wood sitting on the garbage can and started sanding on it. we'll see how it turns out. i'll just be real careful with it. maybe wear some safety glasses when i test it. what about arrows? any ideas? would dowel rods (like a quarter or 3/8s) be sturdy enough to use for an arrow? or should i just try using the carbon arrows from my compound?
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    im in a tradiational bow club and own 2 recurves and 2 long bows. and know many people that make their own long bows or a "self bow" they will mostly use osage, i believe hickory, and some bamboo. making our own bow takes years to perfect its really an art and thats just a long bow a recurve requires jigs, laminates ect. good luck to you. you may want to try looking up pope and young, or ishi. the best bow maker i ever knew died about 3 years ago. it took him almost 10 years to perfect his bows, he used osage almost exclusivly. but good luck to you. glad to see that people are still interested in traditional archery.