Any places to shoot around Stevenson, wa? also some questions

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    So My wife and I are going camping for a 4 day weekend and i was wondering if there are any places to shoot around Stevenson, Washington? We're going to Swift Forest Campground and i wanted to take my .22 rugers to plink off a couple hundred rounds since the ammo's been sitting for a while now.
    Any tips/suggestions?
    btw, we live in Vancouver, WA right next to a shooting range but $15 per lane seems kinda ~meh..
    side note, If i own the .22s and my brother wants to borrow them to go plinking, can he or i get in trouble? or is that fully legal?
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    It depends on where you are shooting.

    Contact the closest Fish and Game departmental office. You can find their number in the phone book under Government Listings.

    As for your brother, that depends on his legal status, i.e. age, background, where he intends to use it, carry it, etc. Check the Washington Statutes found at this link:RCW 9.41.050: Carrying firearms.

  3. Can't help you about the outdoor shooting--but for the other question, it is perfectly all right to let your brother borrow the .22--as long as he is NOT what is known as a "prohibited person". This is a person who may not own or have under their control a firearm for any ONE of the following reasons:

    1. Convicted felon.
    2. Convicted of an assault, DV related or not.
    3. Convicted of ANY crime of domestic violence.
    4. Has not been committed to a hospital or medical care facility because of mental illness.
    5. Is NOT a citizen of the United States--unless they have an Alien Firearms card.
    6. Has not renounced his citizenship.
    7. Is not the respondent to an order of protection or restraining order in force.
    If he is awaiting trial on a criminal charge, chances are he can not be around firearms.

    For the definitive answers, take a look at RCW 9.41, which can be found under the Laws and Rules tab at Access Washington - Welcome to the State of Washington

    Also, take a look at a ATF Form 4473. These will give the list of Federal prohibitions.
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    If you put shooting ranges on your search for your state/area it will post them.
  5. It is legal to shoot in the county if you find a safe spot as long as you pick up your mess most people and sheriff's don't care much. Most places get gated off and shut down from people trashing them. My favourite place to shoot clays out in concrete just got gated and shut down because some dill holes burned the area and almost started a forest fire on the mountain.