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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Big Tool, May 19, 2008.

  1. Big Tool

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    I've been wanting a pocket pistol for a while now and my dealer has one in 380. Looks nice and feels awesome ergonomic wise compared to the keltecs i've handled.

    How are they accuracy, durability, etc.
  2. LiveToShoot

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    25 plus years ago I owned a Sterling .380...a small pocket pistol. It was an easy conceal carry gun, but it wasn't very accurate...due to the short barrel length. However, for close in shots it was effective.

  3. Big Tool I'm waiting to get one.
    No one around here has had them come in yet and there's waiting list's for them.

    Have you read or heard anything about them you can share ?
  4. sell33

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    I held an LCP in one hand and a Kel tec in the other, very little diffrence besides the name as far as i could tell....i would prolly go ruger though just because they make good stuff and i like them lol
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  5. neophyte

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    Big Tool: Sir; my shooting partner has the 'hots' for one too. We have drove all around NC looking just to hold one. Found one in Fayetteville last week; held it and the Kel-Tec side by side.

    The Ruger is a little taller, a better hand hold, about the same finger count. Both felt the same in my pocket, both seem to point about the same.

    I'm partizan , Ruger. Even with my obvious bias the Ruger ?felt? better.

    Not being in the market for one myself, I have tried to educate myself about these two; for my shooting partner.

    When he gets one I'll shoot it enough to try and make some type of informal contribution.
    They are scarce here.
  6. SwedeSteve

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    I have a Kel-Tec, and I cannot "feel" any difference between the two. Also, I have the 10 rd extended mag for mine which greatly increases controlability.
  7. I am looking into getting one too. Really like what I see and figure a Ruger is always good. If anyone gets one please post feedback.
  8. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor


    Folks: over the past weekend @ a gunshow; I had the Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec, and North American Arms in my hands; feeling massaging, just to get a feel.

    Lightest feeling Ruger LCP, Heaviest by far the North American Arms .380
    Pocket test? couldn't tell much difference between the LCP or Kel-Tec.

    North American Arms felt and pocketed heavy.
    All of this is subjective.

    Prejudiced by Ruger; my first choice
    North American Arms by far the heaviest, and looked good
    Kel-Tec? Close to the Ruger as far as the "pocket test"
  9. cruzerbotz

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    We have owned and fired all three. Keltec didn't feel good in the hand, or shooting. We got rid of it. North American Arms Guardian was VERY heavy. But, good gun and shot well. Just too heavy. Sent it on its way also. Had the opportunity to pick up two LCP's. Put 200 rounds through mine without a hitch. Comfortable to hold and shoots extremely well for the size. My wife's had problems at first. After the first four shots, it wouldn't go back into battery. We had to take the slide off to remove the cartridge. Tried again. She tried and I tried to make sure it wasn't the shooter. Still had the problem. After the second time, we quit and sent it back to Ruger. They didn't tell us what they did, but said they shot it and didn't have a problem, so sent it back to us without doing anything. We tried again. Same problem. They sent a replacement slide. That seems to have done the trick. Shot 40 rounds through it Sunday and just had one problem. We'll do another 150 before making a final judgement. I will say it was accurate for what it is. Wife was shooting at 25 yds and hitting the paper, so accuracy is good.

  10. Am I reading this correctly? Kel Tech offers a 10 round magazine for it's .380 pocket pistol? Does Ruger offer one as well for the LCP?
  11. Paper

    Paper I can justify anything. Forum Contributor

    Paperwork done.. Now waiting out my waiting period..
    tick tick tick
  12. kel-tec suing ruger . I like my Kahr pm-9 elite better then either of my kel-tec , the trigger is like a sig it doesnt have that crunch and grind and 20 lbs trigger like kel-tec's . don't get me wrong i like kel-tecs their good for a cheap small gun but kahr's are the lexus of compact guns .
  13. jim433

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    i like it a has a nicer finish that the kel tec....pretty accurate from what i hear..i like the fact that it's easy to conceal..hard to come by though..most places have a 2 month waiting period...does want its intended to
  14. I dunno wasn't impressed w/ the Ruger, I like my Glock 26 or my 3"BB S&W 36, better S/D rounds. If you want something to stick in your pocket try a derringer as a b/u to a holstered weapon

    TRUE GRIT G&G Regular

    Ruger hasnt paid the extortion fee to Ca DOJ to get it on the approved firearms list
    so I dont have a chance of buing one any time soon.
  16. sisco50

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    Guess some folks haven't heard of the Seecamp or the Rohrbaugh I guess. Much more like a Rolls Royce or Bentley.

    I think the $259 I paid for the LCP was money well spent. I have since sold my P3AT even tho it was flawless for 600 rounds and I carried it about six months. Just like the LCP better.
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  17. Paper

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    Got mine and had a chance to run 50 rounds of standard Winchester FMJ through it on Saturday.. Very happy with the little bugger.. It hits at the point of aim, and I didn't have anything even remotely close to a hickup while firing.

    My only complaints?? Long trigger pull (I know, safety), it's really too small for my hands and it jumps around in my grip when firing (the two latter problems are more than likely connected to my hand size)

    I'm thinking a Houge grip wrap would do wonders, yet still keep it small.
  18. sisco50

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    Yes, long trigger pull but not a bad trigger at all. I like the LCP trigger better than I did the P3AT trigger. That made it an upgrade for me that was worth paying for. :)
  19. Kahr's are better then seacamp's trust me i own both . seacamps' a lot rougher , and the trigger is not as nice as a Kahr.
  20. sisco50

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    I guess theres a first time for everything. Thats the first time I ever heard a Kahr was better than a Seecamp. Live and learn I always say. :)

    Maybe I should throw away my three Seecamps and pick up an overpriced Kahr that all my friends are complaining about. I'll get right on it! lol