Anybody have a C&R bound book page link

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    I am looking for a bound book page atf approved, to print out and bind for recording of purchases. Also, can someone explain to me what info I need from a seller. I just bought a c&r gun online and want to be sure I get the right info from the seller to put into my records...thanks.
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  3. I made one in ecel format from a sample they show on It is in the c&r section. You can keep in on your confuser, but you still need to print out and put in a binder.
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    There's stll some debate as to wether single sheets in a binder is legal or not. The reason for a bound book is so pages cannot be removed! BATFE here said no binder. Others members have said it's OK. The pdf page is what I started with. All the FFL 01's I buy from said no way. I went to the one from Brownell's because it is BATFE approved, and says so on it. Better safe than sorry!
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    Small price to pay for possibly one less "misunderstanding":)

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  8. BATF website.


    (E1) What is a "bound book?" [Back]
    A "bound book" is a permanently bound book or an orderly arrangement of loose-leaf pages which must be maintained on the business premises. The format must follow that prescribed in the regulations, and the pages must be numbered consecutively.
    [27 CFR 478.121 and 478.125]