Anybody like dove breast?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by oneastrix, May 1, 2002.

  1. oneastrix

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    I'm gofy for that dove hunting, but pretty new to it. I got a good bag last season. Here's how I like to grill them. If you have a better way, let me know. I'm interested.

    Seperate the breast off of the breast bone. I like them bone out.

    Marinate in Itallian dressing for an hour or more.

    Remove from marinade and place a single jalapeno slice in the middle of the breast.

    Place another side of the breast over (kinda like an all meat sandwhich.

    Wrap in bacon and hold it all together w/ a tooth pick.

    Season with garlic salt and any cajun seasoning.

    Toss them on the grill and basically roll them around until done. I find that it's easiest to cover grill w/foil.

    I know it's probably the oldest way in the book, but the boys at the station started paying me to cook their own dove breast for them!
  2. jerry

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    man that sounds good. I usually cook over a bed of rice with some cream of mushroom soup mixed in so they dont dry out. But i'll be trying your recipie next!

  3. Klaus

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    The doves have had a population explosion here, in the North of Houston. They are everywhere. Every lawn has at least 2 doves on it. Businesses have to keep chasing them out of buildings. At least the are not quite as dumb as the kind we had a couple of years ago. We had one that died of dehydration/starvation because it flew into our test lab and was was too stupid to find it's way out despite the fact that we kept our two big overhead doors (loading bay type) open for it to leave. The stupid bird just kept circling the lab near the ceiling, going "Fweeeet! Fweeeet! Fweeeet!" and passed the open doors, again and again. It died after 3 days.
  4. taras

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    I'll want to try that out. Can they also be smoked over cedar chips for awhile first
  5. oneastrix

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    Taras, Absolutely! Cook them on what ever wood you like to use. Down here in South TX we use mesquite for just about everything. Hickory is popular as well. I can't get the same results out of a gas grill. Let me know if you liked them after all.......

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Tell me what time is dinner and i'll be there brother!
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    Seems like a good recipe for any game bird, or even small chickens for that matter. Hasn't failed me yet, or else everyone who try's my cooking is just plain awful hungry!
  8. oneastrix

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    That was a year ago....and it sure is dove season again! :D I might even get a chance to scare some of them into falling out of the sky this Saturday!
  9. PAPA G

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    i'm a breast man ma-self!!!:eek: :kinky:
  10. I love Dove breasts!

    Especially if they are of that blonde dove meg ryan, or Dayrl Hannah or Shania Twian.....:D
  11. pmspinnerb8

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    Here is my secret recipe for any red meat. Butter ( I-like Country Crock), Worcheshire sauce, a little liquid smoke, salt and pepper. A little bit of red pepper. garlic salt. Melt enough butter to baste however many birds you are going to do. Sometimes I soak birds in this concoction in a zip-loc bag for 30 mins and then grill. Try it you guys will love it. Put enough Worc. sauce in to turn the melted butter to turn it brown. Everythging else, put in as you please. I always wind up making 2 batches cause my wife likes to taste test it until the first batch is just about gone.
  12. killer

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    Just out of curosity and I think I know the response will be negative but wouldn't pigeon (some call squab) be just as good. I've only eaten one but it was good.

    Is eating pigeon in Texas socially accepted?

    Minnesota just opened up dove hunting again up here and it did not go over with the public. If I were found to be grilling dove...well it would not be pretty.

    It does sound tasty though.
  13. I grew up eating squab, killer

    We raised them. They're actually the young pigeons, right before they start to fly. Yeah, I know. And I eat Thumper and Bambi too; I'm heartless.

    Pigeons are just rock doves; they should be fine to eat if they're been living in the wild instead of eating garbage.

    One of the operators at a compressor station for the gas company I work for took a pellet gun to a bunch of them in a compressor building once, and the next night he and his helper feasted on pigeons in gravy.
  14. toolman

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    There are only two wild animals in Tx that are socially unacceptable-skunks and buzzards!
    BTW, my dove breast recipe is similar to 1*'s except I don't marinate them, and I wrap them around half a jalapeno stuffed w\cream cheese before wrapping them in peppered bacon and grilling over mesquite.
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    Ok as Emeril says...."Lets kick it up a notch". I do all the above but also add a small slice, just slightly bigger than the jalapeno, of pepper jack cheese and just before taking them off the pit, lightly drizzle them with honey. The sweetness of the honey and bite of the jalapeno together is just heavenly. I do the same with super jumbo shrimp. I'm sittin here salivatin just thinking about them.