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Anybody remember the Bushmaster AK-47??

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....with the welded barrel reciever assembly and fixed stock.

It was the sister gun to the Bushmaster Armpistol (Armspistol?)

Why did BM drop the gun with its allegedly superior gas operating system????
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I thought that was more of a copy of the AR-18? I've only seen one photograph of it on the web somewhere...was that the rifle to which you were referring?
It was neither a copy of an AK or the AR-18. It used an AK type piston with a AR-15 type bolt and carrier. It was a select fire weapon designed for export for armys. They did not get any big contracts, so it was not mass produced. The action is pretty much identical to the Daewoo DR 200. Here is a link to some info on the rifle and pistol.
Thanks, Klaus! I was picking my brain trying to remember what it was, and where I found it!
I remember an article about a BM semi -auto rifle and I think the gun was manufactured for a short time in civillian form.

I am just wondering what happened to it.

I don't know anyone that has shot or owned the gun - perhaps it was like the ill fated Bren Ten (sorry, Cooper).

I posted on and the moderator from Bushmaster has no response on the gun:confused:
I have looked up the Beretta AR-70 and externally, it looks almost exactly like the Daewoo DR200. The rifles are quite a bit different on the inside, though.
There's also the BM59, 308 caliber, derived from the M1 Garand, very similar to M14/M1a in function.
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