anyone built a ak parts kit?

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  1. anyone ever built an AK from the parts kit. is it easy? i wanna look into building an AK. especially when you can buy the parts kits for like 100 bucks
  2. yes. built a romainian "g" model from a parts kit and a bent blank receiver. screwd up the first receiver by drilling the axis holes and an angle, realized my mistake and corrected the problem on the second. glad i bought two blanks just in case. using a ready-made receiver is the easiest way to go. your only real problem will be riveting the trunions. i did mine with screws, cause it just seemed easier. i've since removed the screws and welded it.
    built a psl with a factory receiver that had the truninons already riveted. took fifteen minutes to build that one.
    building an ak is a fun project and a great way to have one in a state that isn't gun friendly. you wont save much money over buying a built one if you live in a free state though.
    p.s. who has parts kits for 100 bucks? they must not come with barrels, huh?

  3. Just built a AK pistol last month. Prob my last one as the kit was my last $99 kit with a barrel. Now days by the time you buy a barrel, you might as well buy a completed AK.
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    Like R5CYA said the $99 kit doesn't have a barrel with it.
    The barrel is extra, and putting all the parts back on the barrel can be a headache.
    If you are wanting to build an AK to save money, it is not possible in today’s market.
    You will have to buy or make too many tools to save $$.
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  5. no i'm okay with spending money on tools bc once you have them, they're yours. and i just enjoy sitting back when your done like, yup, i built that. i built my AR and it's the only rifle i have that i WILL NOT get rid of
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    OK then, building an AK is easy if done right, it only gets hard when mistakes are made that causes problems.
    When I say easy I mean not as easy as the AR assembly.
    But if you read as much as you can about each step your build will progress & you will learn more than you ever thought you would.
    A Nodak or what is called a 100% receiver is easier than rolling your own, but folding your own receiver is a great feeling. When I take that flat piece of metal clamp it in the jig & watch it squeeze down into the folding box. And watch as you take the jig apart and a perfect receiver drops out is something you won't forget.
    Just be careful when you demill the trunnions, you don't want to drill into the sides of the rivet holes. That makes getting the rivets to press right real hard.
    My first suggestion is to get a barreled kit, but if you can't do that get the $99 kit and a good barrel and jump right into AK building.
    Another suggestion is that if you know someone you can borrow an assembled AK just for reference will help a lot.
    Good luck with your build, and if you have any questions all you have to do is ask.:biggthumpup:
  7. well i have an ak74 now. from what i can tell it is exactly the same as every other AK i've owned just a different round. i am gonna look into it after a while, but for now i've got other things i need to take care of. First thing being is getting a new pistol. The 1911 just isn't cutting it anymore as a CCW. no matter what you do, that thing is never comfortable. ahh, the things i do for protection. I finally understand why females do what they do to look good.

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    So you're CCW is getting you in touch with your feminine side..? Lol!!!