Anyone carry a .22 WMR mini revolver?

Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by dgray64, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. dgray64

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    I've been looking at these little jewels and they seem to be the way to go. Most small pocket guns are semi autos that are sometimes hard to control because of the larger caliber and small grip. The .22 WMR is plenty powerful and really small. What's your opinion?

  2. DocAitch

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    Mini revolver

    Its a tiny single action that has to have a pretty steep learning curve to shoot well. Several variants have a folding grip which tells me that users have a hard time controlling the minimal grip on the originals.
    Its a cute little curiosity, but there are a number of .380 autos on the market that will fill the CCW role much better.
    Just my opinion.

  3. .22guy

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    Too small, but I guess it's better than a sharp stick. Maybe.
  4. don5544

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    The barrel is so short that you loose all the performance.

    It would be fun to see all the flame come out of the barrel from all that unburnt powder. At night it would almost scare someone to death.
  5. Hold the gun handle in your off hand and use your shooting hand wrapped around and use your that thumb to operate your hammer and index finger on the trigger. For me it gets a lot more accurate.

    The stainless steel construction makes great pocket gun in hot weather. Is it enough? Who knows? I would rather have a 12 gauge or an AR.
  6. sniper762

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    i got one with folding grip. i love it. great snake gun with shot also.
  7. srt 10 jimbo

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    I saw one called the queen of hearts, had all the Queens etched int the side of it. was neat as hell but I still would not use it for a carry piece.
  8. If you have to have one of these things get it in 22 LR, the 22 Mag does poorly from their itty-bitty barrels and is just barely better than the hyper-vel 22's available. The cost of the magnum ammo is not justified.

    As far as their usefullness, the bottom line is any other choice for self defense would be better, no other choice could be worse.

    They do appear to be very well made and of high quality but that's the only good thing about them.

    A friend of mine had one, watching him shoot it was... amusing.

    Slow into action and almost impossible to shoot accurately past a few feet. I fired it a few times and hated it.

    NAA does make a version with a 4" barrel and larger grips that looks like it might be sort of cool, but the original micro sized ones are just too small.
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  9. dgray64

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    Thanks for the input fellas. I ordered one today with both cylinders. It may be small, but if you look at that chart included with one of the answers, the rounds were fired from an NAA pistol and they did quite well. I don't figure on shooting any distance with it, but up close it could be devastating. The thing is, the way the economy is going and the politicians are voting, I think that crime is going to increase with more home break-ins and worse. This little piece is so small you can carry it and not know it's there (no one else will either). You can try to protect your family, but as you get older and times get tougher for those around you, you have to be ready. I'm not an alarmist, but have been watching the news. You need an edge. I appreciate the info on holding it with your weak hand and operating the controls with your strong hand. I'll let you know how I like it when it shows up next week. Thanks again.
  10. blaster

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    be careful, one of my brothers used to carry one until it fell out of his pocket and it put a .22mag bullet through his upper arm. the hammer too easily slips off the saftey notch. keep checking that if you do decide to carry one
  11. dgray64

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    Thanks Blaster, I sure will.

  12. samuel

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    Afriend of mine was carrying a Ruger single six and missed the holster and it dropped,hit the floor and shot a hole in his freezer.I guess quality/cost doesn't make much difference.
  13. A note about accuracy
    I was shooting my naa with the lr cylinder in it last weekend. 1 5/8 barrel.
    Most of my rounds were in a 6-8" group. I was shooting two handed as I described and was at 25 yards. I aimed for the bulls eye and was in the white in the lower section of the rings. Std NRA 25 yard pistol target. I was shooting Agulia 40 grain subsonic hps. I am sure that any 22lr is subsonic in my gun. I have chronoed the mags at about 1000fps. Still a bit subsonic. If I am serious I would choose the mag cylinder. It really barks. Sounds like a Tokarov or almost like a 357. YOu will grab anyones attention with the sound. Might make a bad guy believe that they are dead sooner.

    The front sight is not regulated well and I just line the notch in the rear up with the point where the front sight meets the barrel.

    I can't shoot my glock 40 hardly any better. My 1911, any of my 38's are more accurate.