Anyone else see the irony?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by ghost_raven, May 12, 2008.

  1. ghost_raven

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  2. AKHunter

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    LOL. I read that in this mornings' paper. I think those demolition fellows were having some fun. How often do they get a chance to make something go BOOM ! Hell if I was one of them, I know that I would load as much as I could get away with :196::09:

  3. ghost_raven

    ghost_raven G&G Evangelist

    Extra boom, because they were blowing up commercial-grade fireworks... lol
  4. Hi Ghost Raven, you gotta live up here to understand that kind of silly sh**.
    The demolition teams live for those moments, we are just coming out of a long winter and it was a great way to bring in summer with a bang :)
  5. The reporter who covered that story had way too much fun writing it up.:)
  6. Mooseman684

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    OMG...We sure like to Do things Big Up Here , Don't we... !!!
    30 lbs of C4:bigeyes:...10 lbs would Have done a Semi Load !!!
    God , I love this State !
  7. cubbieman

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    and you thought they did things bigger in texas

    i kinda woulda like to see that
  8. Midas

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    Better too much, than not enough!
  9. alaskamonte

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    This thread is worthless without video!

    Please all, email the reporter and ask for pics or video!
  10. Seabeescotty

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    I love a big boom! I just wish I could be the one making it! Too much fun, and too far away to get to see it.
  11. Good God, a remote blasting cap would have worked just as well. 30lbs of C4 is a lot much... I wonder whose dime the C4 was on?

    Don't get me wrong... a big blast is nice but nowhere necessary here.
  12. TXplt

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    I feel bad I missed it ! :(
  13. rondog

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    Anybody ever see the video of the exploding whale in Oregon? Google "exploding whale".
  14. Rambo

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    Anyone know the shelf life of C-4? Just curious. TNT does deteriorate over time and leaches out nitro-glycerin so ya gotta be careful handling it. I just wonder if C-4 becomes unstable, say after 35 years, in your basement? No reason. Just curious.