anyone ever get divorced because of guns?

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  1. im sure ill be divorced after she finds out what i did, my gun just looked to lonly by itself... i just got done buying my buddies AR its a Stag 2H 16" chrome lined carbine with YHM hand guards with troy covers and vikings tactics light mount and sling with a Aim Point C2 2M.O.A red dot with a Larue Mount to co-witness with the Midwest Industries Rear BUIS and 3 30rnd mags :fest30::banana:




    dont mind the windows lol, dang birds keep flying into them and i dont know how to stop them :angryfire:
  2. That tiz a mighty fine look'in shooting machine. She'll be able to shoot it so go buy her some hearing protection. Just maybe if you can get her to try it out she want beech about you buying it LOL

    Don't expect a good Sunday dinner though LOL

  3. If you have any scrap CDs or DVDs, hang them on a bit of fishing line outside the window; worked for me - stops 'em dead in midair!
  4. tell her you bought it for her. she'll act like she doesn't want it but then brag to her friends she has her own gun. im pretty sure my wife has more guns than me, lol. at least she thinks she does
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    Just give it to her. It works. If she don't want to shoot though and wants to be pissy about it, she may take it and forbid you to shoot it. Thus it will be a safe queen you can never shoot. Women can be spiteful like that. Fortunately, my wife likes guns but my ex didn't. I just told her to get over it. Prolly one reason why she divorced me. Oh well, I still had my guns and my current wife likes them.

    Nice rifles BTW. I'm currently looking to get a "mate" for my M&P15.
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    Posted once but didn't work.Using quote,anybodys quote. Any way women look at security/finances more critical than men.I bet if you are providing for her like you should be she won't let a gun come between her and the finances/security you represent.My wife always knew she could sell the gun and get something but I almost lost her over some hunting/fishing trips.It is hard to sell a post hunting/fishing trip and get any money. (By the way,best of luck,and walk softly and keep a subservient low profile) (until next time when you are on your own.) ,,,sam.
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    Just tell her that the NEW gun, is hers.
    Is so "SHE", can have a shift on bird patrol!
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    about the birds, shoot them with your new toy...that worked for me
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    My wife threatened to divorce me if I bought another gun. I keep buying them and she's still here... Anyone selling a gun?
  10. lol, i told her the gun was hers and she got all excited and told she thought it was.....i hate this word when i comes to guns......"CUTE!":yikes: i almost droped dead on the spot when heard that word to describe a gun, but i held it in and said " your welcome "she likes it because its smaller then my other AR and a lot lighter, and she also made me promise not to make her mad because she has a gun now and she knows how to use it:puppy_dog_eyes: so i guess ill be my best for a little bit, but what she don't know wont hurt her right?:D
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    Don't lie to her.... GIVE it to her!
  12. its hers, i just might take it to the range sometimes when i go
  13. Birds Flying into Windows

    I can't help you with the wife and the new rifle, but I can with the bird thing. Wild birds hate flashing lights. Found that out at at Nevada gold mine that was using strobe lights to keep the ducks and geese out of the cyanide ponds.

    So go to Radio Shack and get their help in building a very small strobe light system for the windows. I'll bet that you only need four lights; one at each corner of the window system, not at each pane. You probably already know that the birds only hit the windows at a certain time of day; when the natural lighting makes the windows look like they are not there. So, again, you will only have to activate the strobes during that part of the day. Good luck. ........ Big Cholla
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    My wife flipped when she found out about the AR (forgot to log off and she saw my post) but i got her to shoot a bbgun, then bought her a 22/410 combo and she loves the 22. not so much the 410. Now all she talks about is what im getting her next. All in about 3 weeks. So i need to find what she needs that I want.
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    Yes, you need to say honey why don't you come to the range with me so I can shoot your 'cute' rifle too.
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    I had guns and my dog before I met my the dog is getting old but the guns still look good. My wife knows that guns are a way of life for us and she accepts it. Now on the other hand I don't spend the money for the house payment or kids college on guns...they are purchased from excess either from my spending money that I save up or with surplus that we agree together to spend on a gun. This seems to keep the peace.
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    cheapsandwich, if shes a new gun owner the sky is the limit.
    i wish i could get my wife into shooting. she does come out once and awhile, and does have her own 20 gauge for pigeons.
    im thinking about just going out and buying a raging bull in .357 with pink grips and seeing what she says.
    if i was going to buy her something i wanted, she would see right through it.
  18. i bought a gsg when they first came out for "my wife." now i'm looking to trade it for some things and she thinks the new PS90 is cool and she loves it. it's a great gun for her and i think in a shtf situation she'll get the PS90. Now i need to start a new AR build but i'm soooo tempted to get the tax stamp on a sbr for the ps90 and maybe even a suppressor. it' just looks so sick with the sbr. anyways, the moral of the story is that she debo'd my ps90. and she doesnt even shoot that much
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    My first wife was a housekeeper, she divorced me and kept the house!
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    Now THAT'S funny!! :D