Anyone ever raccoon hunted????

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by KevinA, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Shot one (multiple times ) when I was a kid with a brand new Crossman 760 pellet gun, (when they first came out) . I think the first couple of shots just pissed it off. got it on the 4th or 5th shot and have not shot another since.
  2. Definitely going to have to do some more research before I hunt them. I dont want to bust a musk gland and ruin everything, especially if it's it is a big, fat one. I heard pelts could land you some decent cash too. My buddy told me last night he hunted coons once, just cause he wanted to get away from the wife one night. He walked around the main 3 mile trail on our property and just lit up trees. He had his .22 Ruger pistol with him. Said it was a blast. I cant wait! Thanks for all the great info!!!!!!!!

  3. Pelts really aint worth much I skin'm in the field makes the walk home easy lugg'n a 20 pound coon or 3 for 7 miles sucks. I run dogs, Curs, Redbones, and my own dog it a tri-Colored English with out a brain in her head. I mena would you stick your head into a hole with a pissed off coon. Check out may be able to find someone running dogs in your area, its the only way to go!
  4. that's what im hearin more and more. thanks morgan!!!!
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    I mostly trap coons but I do hunt them from time to time but I'll tell u right now with trapping 300 coons in two months is not hard to do and do that plus my coyote, beaver, otter, bobcat, muskrat, and non target species ( opossum, skunk) a season u get a serious amount of money hell I know people who trap for a living and make a lot of money a year plenty for a living

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    #1 on geting the musk glands out. coons aren't bad eating. much better than otter or crow. :eek:the old cracker woman who used to cook all the wierd stuff I shot for me when I was a kid, insisted they had to be par boiled first. then she fried it. not bad at all. I have eaten coons without par boiling and if they are cleaned properly they taste ok but are tough.
    if you want to hunt coons without dogs try baiting them up. if you are already having a problem with them on your property this should be easy. just build a blind near the garbage cans get a six pack and wait.:D
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    Best tip I heard all day Blaster. Hoping to bag one with the new R/A in 22 mag. haven't had a coon hide in years. I "ll pass on the eatin part.
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    As I remember from talking to guys I knew who hunted coons years ago with dogs, they said that if a dog chased a coon into a creek or pond that the coon would probably drown the dog. Apparently the coon knows to hang on with it's claws and pull the dogs' head under water.
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  9. iv eaten a few. the ones to get are about half grown . skin them close to the meat only leaving a little fat , seperate the joints and fry like like chicken. the meat is mostly white. and is better than any chicken.if you are down to eating road kill a coon is the one you want. they are not usually not run over but are killed because they will stand up to fight as the vehicle passes over them and get knocked on the head. oooold hunter.:usa:
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    I was deer hunting & was watching one raccoon acting funny, it was real nasty looking. As I watched it walk through the woods it was coming my way it jumped on the tree my tree stand was on & started climbing fast. My deer hunt real quickly turned into a coon hunt.
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    I used to coon hunt pretty regular years ago. Had a Walker female and brother in law had a couple Walkers too. I've not been in several years though.
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    Tried it recently but Jaison wouldn't come out and participate. :p Dad caught one when it was little and kept it in a cage. He fed it hotdogs and stuff to get it nice and fat. Best I can remember it didn't taste bad.
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    Man this is an old thread. We used to hunt and also just chase at night in West Virginia. Used dogs bred just for coon chasing.
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    You kidding me? Cops don’t quit. They never give up.

    I wouldn’t have stood a chance.
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    Jerry Clower-Coon Hunting.
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  16. Watch out for the wild cat
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    I set live traps near my bee hives after I see coon signs. once caught they come down with lead posin. take them back and feed to other critters like coyotes, pussums, hawks, crows and buzzards. Caught one this spring a big old boar tore that trap trigger up real bad.

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  18. i have eaten coon more than once . my mother in law lived with us many years. she was a young woman during the depression.she would tell me to bring home a half grown one .had me skin it close to the meat. she fried it like chicken. better than any chicken i ever ate.
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    I chased the coon with Treeing Walkers-Blueticks-Curs-Redbones for a long time. :). Nothing comes close to tromping through the woods on crisp nights; listening to working dogs.

    one fellow decided we’d cook one over an open fire. (Said he’d done it many times)
    We did have a wonderful night for a fire. (I had fallen in the river. 40* atmosphere)

    fork limbs and a cross bar the coon was wired to
    The dripping made fire pretty’s
    A couple hours pass by.
    I had wondered off to pick up my dog.
    1-2am they decided to start coon trimming hahaha
    Nastiest crap I’d ever put in my mouth

    my old dog wouldn’t eat it either :)
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