Anyone ever see this???

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    I could kick myself for not remembering who made it but i was at Cabelas in Dundee, Mi. today and seen a revolver that shot .45-70 bullets! This thing was massive and built like a soviet tank and was just about as pretty as one (ug o lee). They wanted $1400.00 dollars for that thing! If it hadn't cost so much i would have bought it as an oddity!
  2. PAPA G

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    can't think of the maker either:( he is a custom pistol smith, par-excellonce;) not much help here though there was a write up on them a few years back in G&A:confused: bet its a beaut to shoot!!!


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Think i'd Magnaport that puppy!
  4. Eric

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    I saw that on the cover of a Gun magazine a couple of months ago...but just today in Shotgun News I saw a five shot revolver in 45-70 with a 1 1/2" barrel for $565. Just like the others, horrendous looking.
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    I seen one at my local gun store B&H GUN RACK for $950 ish...long barrel. I believe it is made by Magnum Research and called the BFR (Big Fine Revolver ... not what you perverts were thinking:)
  6. Klaus

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    Magnum Research makes revolvers (actually Ruger makes the frames) in calibers such as this.
  7. Calvin

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    Sounds like a Freedom Arms .475 Linebaugh.......
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    I have seen those - but its hard to find the one that is made with the 2" barrel I think it would be a great carry gun the BG would never be able to get up after that one