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Anyone get their CETME yet????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Viper Mike Golf, Jul 7, 2002.

  1. To All,
    Have been reading a lot about CETMEs this weekend. Think I will get one tomorrow. Has anyone picked their's up yet? Would appreciate any info that can be had. (no, this isn't because Misery loves company, at least I hope it isn't ):D
  2. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie


    This is a reply from some one else that had questions .


    >Hi There!
    >I am thinking about ordering one of these rifles.
    >If you have the time, I would like to indulge a few questions about the
    >rifle you ordered.
    >How did the wood and metal finish look?

    Handguard - good to very good , stock good ( oil stained around the
    receiver ) . If all goes well , I may work on the wood some more .

    Welds looked OK , paint was nice .

    >What was the condition of the barrel?

    Looks fine .

    >Were the sights installed correctly? (have heard this can be a problem)

    Nope , I am still messing with the front sight , may end up sending
    to Century to fix it .

    >What is the fit and finish of the internal parts like?

    The internal parts were probably not new but were not worn very
    much .

    >What is the overall condition of this rifle?

    Many of these are very dirty inside . Figure on useing one or two
    of WD-40 to wash out the grit , grime & metal cuttings .

    After that , it functions ok . Two 20 round mags work ok , the 5
    mag shoots loose . This can probably be " adjusted " with a little work

    If the wood was new , you would think it was a new rifle , from the
    exterior .

    Besides my unfamilarity with the rifle , the sights have been the
    biggest problem .

    >Please provide any information, good & bad.
    >Are you satified with this rifle, overall?

    Yes , when I get the sights worked out .

    >Sorry to bug you with a billion questions, but I want to put my mind at
    >ease before order this rifle. (I think my wife is tired of hearing
    >it, but she is way too nice to say anything)
    >Thank you for your time, Sir.

    Over all , if you do not have a Garand , I would reccomend you get
    from the CMP . Next a FAL . After that , a CETME .

    God Bless

  3. Wyr,
    I have quite a few things to look at before adopting a CETME. These have all came from the info on this board and several reviews. I don't have a Garand, but I do have an M-14 and a FAL, so I guess the next logical thing is to buy a CETME. I plan on taking some snap-caps with me to see if the rifle will cycle them (feeding, locking/ unlocking extraction ejection and cocking can be checked). Most store owners get upset if you crank off a couple of rounds while at the counter, but don't object to you putting the snap caps through the weapon. :D Will post my findings here when this happens. Thanks for the info.
  4. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    Best of luck .

    Do not forget the Garands . From the CMP , every one purchased is one less rifle in the hands of the government ! :)

    They can be re-barreled to 7.62 NATO .

    God Bless
  5. I bought a CETME

    Picked up my CETME this last weekend. It was my birthday Saturday, so I couldn't resist. The one piece of advice I have for you or anyone that will buy a CETME; DO NOT BUY THIS GUN WITHOUT TOUCHING IT! We went through 12 of them before we found the one that everything was right with. I haven't shot it yet, but I had the headspace checked, and have totally disassembled it for a thorough cleaning. Man, did it need it. A lot of metal shavings, old grease, and general crap in it. The checklist that is found on Mike the Electricians' CETME page is a great aid in helping you to eliminate junk. I was beginning to wonder if we would find one or not. I will probably go shoot it tomorrow. Will let you know how it does. Hope this helps. It is a beautiful, well made gun (when you get to that part of the proverbial barrel.)
    Take care and I will post results here when I get them.
  6. WyrTwister

    WyrTwister G&G Newbie

    Re: I bought a CETME

    Have not messed with mine much , hope to go the the range tomorrow .

    Need to resolve the front sight question . Otherwise , it shoots fine , except the one 5 round mag that shoots loose .

    God Bless
  7. Wyr,
    What front sight question do you have? Let me know and I might be able to help.