Anyone have a 116FSAK?

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    I am playing with the idea of purchasing an Savage 116FSAK in either .338 or .375. Am leaning towards the .375H&H at the momnet though because of its versatility in the upward direction of DG( should I ever have the Chance) Like the idea of a rifle between .308 and 45-70 that can cover a large range of game. How does this rifle recoil? is it like a quick, hard rabbit punch or a shove? I am not aprticularly recoil sensative but currious. how's the accuracy of this rifle and what do you think of the muzzle break from tha factory? Does it funtion well? I have read recently that muzzle breaks tend to open up group size. Would anyone care to comment on this as well? thanks for the info in advance.:cool:
  2. I’ve seen posts saying the .375H&H is insufficient for Buffalo. That’s not true if you study the animal and place the shot correctly. I agree that a .416 is more efficient for Cape Buffalo, however I took a great Buffalo with a .375 last year in South Africa. A one shot high heart/lung shot with an insurance shot after he was down and out. See image below. 1DC013D7-B984-4B12-8E8B-5E625F65D0AD.jpeg
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    I keep trying for a Bison tag out here. Got a .45-70 waiting to be used. Figured I'd go old school
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