ANyone have a spare take down pin detent spring they can send!!!

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  1. Got everything for the retro. Picked up the lower receiver parts kit in the mail today, only to find it is missing one dang spring! No joy from DPMS unless I go through rigamarole and still will take time to order a spring. Trying to shoot this this week end!!!. If you tape it to a 3x5 and mail it with a 1st class stamp, I will happily reimburse you.

    Please HELP


    Bernard Molloy
    P.O. Box 1332
    Southaven MS 38671-
  2. call and tell them what you need a.s.a.p. there located in my city.
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  3. SwedeSteve

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    cut one from an ink pen.
  4. Too big around. It ill work for a buffer detent but take down pins take really tiny ones.
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    I would, but I don't have an extra. Did you lose it or did the kit come without it?
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    see OP DPMS kit was missing a part
  7. Thanks all, Arkansas HUnter's friends at (great people, check their web page!) helped me out. One is on the way.
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    That's what friends are for. Way to go, A.H.!