Anyone have a Yugo AND a Norinco?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by BattleRifleG3, May 3, 2002.

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    Anyone have a Yugo AND a Norinco, and are low end Yugos OK?

    I recently saw Yugo SKSs for lower prices than ever before, and have a few project ideas. What I need to know is if the gas pistons will interchange between Norincos and Yugos. So if anyone has both, could you measure the length of the piston as well as the with of each end?
    Another question: I'd be getting one of the lowest grade, and there are some qualities that would matter and some that wouldn't. Parts I could easily replace wouldn't be a problem. I'd definitely replace the stock. But would it function reliably and safely with a dark bore? And would there be serious external damage/wear/corrosion that I couldn't clean up?
    Is it correct that dark bores may improve slightly with firing? And is it possible to lap it into better shape?
    Accuracy doesn't matter at this point as long as the gun works safely and reliably.
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    The dark bore doesn't affect accuracy, so long as the rifling is good. My Yugo shoots very well. The piston is the same, I think, but the tube is different where they attach to the gas block. Stocks should interchange, but the Yugo bayonet would require a deeper and longer slot in a Norinco stock. The Yugo magazine well requires a bit of filing to widen just a tad, if you want to install a high-cap mag. All action parts should interchange.