anyone have an FFL in GA?

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  1. i want to order a few rifles/shotguns offline every now and then, the thing is im new to the whole FFL thing, if anyone has a good trustworthy FFL dealer they know of near (45 min-hour and a half drive) from atlanta, send me a PM

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    You can find a dealer closest to you by your zip code. Here are a few I found in a quick look for you. Good luck ...

    Evans Howell
    Michael Evans Howell
    8613 Roswell Road
    Building 1, Suite 200-7
    Atlanta, GA 30075
    phone: 770-641-0787
    fax: 770-641-0788
    cellular: 404-915-1690
    pager: 800-784-9445
    Hours: 8:00am-5:00 pm
    Transfer fee: $20.00 for Title I & $75.00 for Class 3 guns
    Burrell Sullivan
    Sullivan's Classic Arms
    101 Atlanta Hwy
    Cumming, GA 30040
    phone: 678-513-7575
    fax: 678-513-8565
    Hours: 1000-1900 Mon-Fri, 1100-1700 Sat
    Transfer fee: $25.00 + background check if required
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    Great assistance, for a G&G member, Larry...
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    Stalebiscuit, if you're gonna get knee deep in fun, think about applying for your C&R license. It'll ease the hassle of buying. And you can get war rifles at wholesale prices. You know, mosinitis?
  5. I like to help when I can.
  6. i live in that area P.M. me.
  7. ohh im going with that when i hit 21

    ohh ya, i almost forgot

    when i get the money together ill hit you up, might be a month er so but my birthday is in 12 days
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