anyone have ideas on where to hunt this time of year?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by forestgleaner, May 16, 2008.

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    :theyareontome:Ok, I build Mack trucks for volvo, and they are going to let me take some time off. It is called volentary unemployment, and I truely don't understand it, but it saves a younger guy from getting permently laid off. I am 44 with a wife and young kids, so I never seem to have any time to hunt, but with this layoff, I am determined to get out there.d
    I read about all you guys haveing fun with hogs, and other varmints, and I get jealous.
    Any one have any good ideas? I am respectful of other peoples rules, I don't smoke, I shoot straight, and would rather miss a chance than miss a shot.
    maybe this is just wishful thinking.:wizard:
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    I'd have been able to help week ago! Our turkey season just closed on the 11th. There are several states still with turkey season on now, an another bunch with hogs still open as well. I'll make an offer for you to visit here and hunt in Tn this fall if you PM me. Thanks, and good luck!

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    Try this link: NRA Hunters Rights and click Places to Hunt at the top, or Places to Shoot. Good Luck.
  4. Check your state regulations on feral pigeons. Here in Kansas there's no season (open year round) and no bag limit. Not sure about out of staters, but residents aren't even required to have a license. Top it all off, the buggers are tasty.
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    I dont know where you will go,to the field to hunt,or to a range to have fun shooting.I just hope you include your family and all of you have a wonderful time. sam.
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    Well, from that they're saying around the State just about anyplace you want to go hunt feral hogs you'll be welcome.

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    Hey FG, I used to drive for Auto Truck Transport hauling those new Volvos you built. If you look around a bit, you can find farmers here in Tx. that will let you hunt hogs for free, but they're getting rare-most have figured out that a lot of guys are willing to pay big bucks for the priviledge of eliminating their pests for them.