? anyone know this one?

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    Hi all! Just bought my 4th MN. A local man has a sm gun shop working out of his cellar bought a case of these rifles and just by chance I was there as he opened the wooden box. He said all rifles are $119, your choice. I found one with a hex reciever, the little plates where the dog collers go through are held in with screws and it's dated 1926. The thing that that doesn't jive is the rear site is the same one thats on both of my 1943r rifles. The main mark on the reciever is a blank star with 6 tiny circles around the outside of the star. I am questioning the model and oregin. The barrel appears dark but very shinny and clean with no sign of pitts at all. Any help at all would be great, as these guns are new to me. A month ago I had never even heard of a MN.
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    Welcome.Glad you got another MN.Can't help but others will.

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    You are looking at a Tula stamp. I am guessing in the absence of pictures, but the difference in the rear sight may be an M91 stamp. Does the front sight have a globe cover or is it a simple blade? Is it longer than the other 91/30s? Ladder type rear sight, blade front sight and longer barrel make it an m91!. At very least it is a Tula ex-dragood. And a good find!
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    I'll try to get a pix later today. But the front site is a globe site. When I stand this rifle next to my 91/30 it statnd about 3/8 of an inch longer. The rear site is the same as on my 91/30. It is scaled from 1 to 20. When you take the lower trigger guard off there are metal plates under it where the screws go through, have not seen these on my other ones. I quess I am going to have to do a little research to see what an x dragoon is. I am impressed with all the info there is on these rifles. You guys have kept these a well kept secret. Or maybe it's just living up here in maine. were always seem to be behind the rest of the country.
  5. Ex-dragoons have a space between the rear sight and the barrel
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    You have yourself an ex-Dragoon rifle here. They are just a tad longer than a standard 91/30. Your rifle originally was born as a Dragoon rifle. This was made shorter than the standard M91 infantry rifle. It had all of the same sights as the M91 originally. At some point, whether before or after WWII your rifle was updated with 91/30 sights to use the metric system, rather than the old Imperial arshin. Do look at the rear base of the rear sight, and if you see a small space, then it is an ex-Dragoon. That is one way to tell apart an ex-Dragoon compared to a 91/30. Sounds like a nice find. Pics are required, or no one believes you bought it.
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  8. Ken in Iowa

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    The metal shims are there to compensate for the compression of the wood over the years.

    It sounds like a Tula ex-Dragoon for sure. Love that Cyrillic stamping on the earlier Russian and Soviet guns.

    After WWII, the serviceable Dragoon and Cossack models were updated to 91/30 specs.

    Here's some good info on your rifle as originally made. Russian/Soviet Dragoon and Cossack

    And after conversion to 91/30 specs.
    Soviet M91/30

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  9. Lets look at something else here too, you say that the sling slots are screwed in? Is there just a round hole in it? Look for an SA stamp on the side of the barrel shank.
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    here is the pictures to help ID

    these are the pictures ro help identify the gun.

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    Wow dude you got a good one . I can tell you the MO stamp means it was used as a ministery of defense weapon . The o3 stamp means it has been to _________ dang old brain anyway look at this site . WWW.7.62x54r.net it will give you all the info you need .
  12. jlb783

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    Sounds like you got a good deal on a nice MO marked ex-dragoon. Congrats on your find.
  13. Iron_Colonel

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    Oh very nice, you kinda left out the double date MO stamp. Nice find. I wish I could find one like that. Looks good, congrats.
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    Ernie m, looks like you made a very nice acquisition. Immerse yourself into the sea of M/N information available at all the links posted above. Also, there are many regular members here with a wealth of acquired knowledge who are able to steer you towards answers to your questions.
  15. very nice rifle Ernie M and welcome toG&G if you ever get up or down to Monticello maybe we could get together for some shooting
  16. Ok. Pre war stock and refurbed in the Ukrain. Very nice.
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    New York
    For your fourth one, you got yourself a GREAT one, at a great price.
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    wow! thanks to everyone. You guys are great. I can't wait to to read more. There seems to be many out there collecting these neat old rifles. I'm continually amazaded at the wealth of information on the internet on any subject.
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    Great looking rifle there !! And welcome to Gun and Game !!