Anyone live in the Wash. or Virginia area?

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  1. If anyone see's that guy, don't be affraid to bring out your best rifle show him your favorite caliber. This is just getting out of hand. On top of it, all I can tink of is the improper reports from the media, saying that a .223 is a "snipers favorite" and all this crap. I know .223 isn't a wussy cartridge or anything, but it certainly isn't a snipers favorite. Any comments?

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    I do

    I live in Montgomery County, Maryland and am not to worried about this guy. While I dont want to be the next one I will not alter my life to satisfy this guy. Dont think I would use my garand to snipe this guy. I have a nice bolt action in 30.06 for that job. But, I would use the garand to pump 8 shots into him.

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    as I recall, that was Hathcock's favorite....30.06...
  4. Yes I'm here too. Fairfax County in Virginia, I drive through Montgomery County every day on my way to work. The odds of winding up being a target are pretty astronomical. I don't advocate any vigilantism (sp). Unless of course the good Lord allows you to be in the right place at the right time with the right tools, and there are no Cops around to do the job. In this part of the world the Cops take a very dim view of anybody other than an LEO driving around with a weapon. Otherwise just stay out the way of the Police and let them do their jobs.
  5. Yeah, obviously I didn't mean to incite people to take things into their own own hands but, that guy really needs to be stopped. Either way, it's crazy that someone could do such a thing. He must be out of his mind. Take care all.