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Anyone Scope Their AK?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Calvin, Mar 27, 2002.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    I bought one of the PSO scopes for my SAR, and I really like it. Anyone else have one? The only thing I don't like is that the stock is too short on my SAR. I just orderd the 2-1/2" extender, so we'll see how it does. I've heard some good reviews on the COBRA collimater, but have yet to try one. Anyone have the COBRA sight? Is it good? I've thought about getting one, but wanted to hear some more reviews from people who have actually used one.
    C'mon! Let's shake this forum up!!!:)
  2. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    I've heard really good things about them. I heard they are really the stuff on an SAR 2 in 5.45X39. Really a good deal too... I expect that price to go up in time.


  3. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    I got mine from Centerfire Systems last year. The SAR was a wedding present from my wife. They also had 30 round mags 4/$19, so I got 9 sets. Anyway, I only paid $100 for the scope, and I opted for the red diode, an extra $12. The red diode works off of a regular "AA" battery, whereas the standard diode (white illumionation) works off a 1.5 volt lithium battery. I HIGHLY recommend the red diode!! It really stands out!
    My scope has the range finder to 400 meters. I don't think I need the 1000 meter scope. It works very well. The rubber eye shade does take some getting used to, but I really like it. I used it to shoot 362 yards at a chimney cage that was 18"x18". Hit it first shot, so I'm impressed with it.
  4. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    The only thing that kept me from buying the SAR 2 was the lack of commercial ammo. I guess I was afraid that the imports could dry up due to a political issue and 5.45X39 falls in the same category as 7.62X39 in the eyes of the Government. I really like my SAR 1 but I think I will go with the scout mount on the gas tube with a Holo sight. The 7.62X39 doesn't have the long range potential to warrant heavy duty optics.

  5. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    I agree with you. However, I have a friend who bought the mount you are describing, and it gets REALLY hot during rapid fire. After one mag, it got hot enough to melt snow on contact. I had almost bought the same mount until I saw this. He has an SAR 2, and since then, has bought the COBRA for his. I like my PSO for the simple fact that it's calibrated for the 7.62x39. Like I said, it's range finder goes to 400 meters, which is what the 39 was designed for. As far as the ammo for the 2 drying up, I don't think that's a problem. Check out Centerfire Systems on their website, and get their phone number. They still don't have their catalog online yet, but they have tons of the 5.45x39 in stock. If I'm not mistaken, they have the new Wolf hollow point load for it. I have bought off of Centerfire for years, and they are really reasonable. They also stock every known sight for the AK series available. I wouls like to have an SAR 2 someday, but for now, my SAR will do just fine. Hope things work out for you. Don't sweat the surplus drying up anytime soon. I think we'll be okay for a couple more years.
  6. Sutro

    Sutro G&G Newbie

    I've got both a Kobra and a ZFK 4X25 scope on my SAR-3.

    Kobra is first-generation military model, takes Lithium batteries. Took a bit of getting used to because you kind of look down into it instead of straight through it, but after that I became very pleased with it. Bought it from Tantal, who moderates the Optics forum at, and found that the accolades for his products and service are well-deserved.

    ZFK 4X25 is an East German scope with a 5.45 ballistic cam, lighter and with better eye-relief than I've seen on other Eastern Bloc scopes (although still short by standards of American scopes for centerfire rifles). They're allegedly were made for the East German government on contract with Zeiss. I don't know of any dealers who sell them, I got mine through a private party ad at Very highly recommended if you can find one, best AK scope I've ever seen.

    Did have a Russian Elcan-style scope that I got from Blue Grass Armory (they're on the 'net), thought it was an excellent scope although too heavy by my standards. Sold it after I got the ZFK.
  7. Jesse

    Jesse G&G Newbie Forum Contributor

    Thanks for the info... I understand Williams makes a peep "ghost ring" site for the AK and the SKS... I think I might look into that. It's much easier on the wallet than any mount or scope. I may also explore the SAR 2 again, it is reported as being just awesome and the mags, ammo, and rifles are priced right.

  8. Sutro

    Sutro G&G Newbie

    I had a Williams peep sight on a SKS, which has a sighting system nearly identical to that of the AK. I didn't care for it because it mounts the peep too far forward and not towards the rear of the receiver where it belongs. The Mojo sight is similar, but of better all-steel construction, and has the same inherent defect of being mounted in the wrong place for a peep sight.

    FYI, with the SKS I replaced the peep with a Williams open-v blade to convert back to an open sight and I liked that very much but I don't know that the improvement over the square-notch AK/SKS open sight is really worth the bother.

    The ergonomics of the AK stock apparantly have short-statuted malnourished peasants in mind. I find it hard to use even open sights without a 1" stock extension and I'm only 5'10". But...

    You'll find that Eastern Bloc scopes like the PSO have short eye relief, more like an American scope for a .22 than for a centerfire rifle. They put that rubber eyepiece on for a reason! Extending the stock won't do a thing about that.
  9. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    The peep sights are a personal thing-some like them, some don't. I tried them on an SKS years ago, and didn't care for them. My friend bought them from me, and he loved them. Still uses them today.
    As far as the stock goes, it will make a difference for me. I'm over 6', and the length of pull is too, too short. I tried a stock set a month ago that really made a difference on my SAR. The weld was right on par with the eye relief for the scope. Would've bought it then, but had just bought 2 M1's. The guy that makes them is on a 180 day backlog, and I figure I can get by with the extender until he gets mine done. And, yes, the European stature is smaller than an American. Their large is like a small/medium to us. Have you ever tried on E. German surplus clothing??
  10. Tinman

    Tinman G&G Newbie

    I mounted a Simmons Red Dot scope on my SAR-2, used one of those side mounts from KUSA. Well it works great on my SAR-2, and SAR-1. Now the scope only cost $30.00, and has a 4 MOA dot. I am really impressed at the quick aquisition, and the ability to stay on target. I can consistantly place 30 rounds on a paper plate at 200 yards from a standing position.....Now thats adequite combat accuracy. There are more expensive Red Dots that are 1 MOA, seem to be around $70.00, you might want to give them a try.
    Good luck
  11. Jesse.....what do you mean 'ghost ring' sight? I'm interested in scoping my SKS and AK...just wondering...thanks.
  12. Blackjack

    Blackjack G&G Newbie

    I've tried the scopes on my sa-93 and sar-3 but find the kobra scopes suited better for my eyes. I have the gen1 on the SA and a gen3 on the SAR-3.