Anyone SCREAMING at the news right now?

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by grizcty, Sep 8, 2010.

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    Anyone else, SCREAMING at the news right now?

    Turn on the news and listen to the Kenyan IDIOT!

    This political speech, he is giving the folks in Ohio.
    Is nothing but slamming John Boehner, & the republicans.
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    I'm working right now, but it sounds like the same tactic the republicans have been using. Not that it's going to help the working american either way. And yes, I am a working tax paying (high tax paying) american.
  4. My wife and I have to work overtime to make ends meet. However, the more we earn the more is taken out in taxes. What the use?
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    The Obamination knows that when the Republicans take back the House (always think optimistically!), he's going to have to deal with Boehner as the Speaker of the House and Number 3 in the line of succession to the Presidency. He's simply establishing that theirs will be an adversarial relationship for the two years the Obamination is likely to retain his seat in the Oval Office.
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    The oldest political tactic going; when you can't campaign of the merits of your work, you slam your opponent's resume'.
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    ^+1,000,000,000^ I'm still waiting for him to do something worth a ****. He is all talk and no positive action.
  8. Well,

    media and mediocrity arose from the same Latin root. I have not taken American journalism seriously for decades. Pravda from Russia provides better objective reporting on American politics than do any of our
    in-country media.

    Henry Kissinger provided the best comment about Obama when he stated Obama was the great idea started but upon which he never follows through.

    So, it is logical that Obama's failed stimulus is forgotten in his speech and someone else is too blame.
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    nathangdad, you're overcomplicating the Obamination's thought processes. He's simply cut from the same bolt of cloth as Frank Burns of M*A*S*H. When Frank Burns lost a patient, he was never responsible. To quote Duke Forrest, "It's always 'God's will' or somebody else's fault."

    Obama thinks of himself a both a Great Man and a Golden Boy. (He is neither but that's beside the point.) Great Men don't make mistakes, and Golden Boys always have everything go their way without any effort on their parts. Therefore anything that goes wrong must be someone else's fault because, being as he's a Great Man and a Golden Boy and all, it CAN'T be his fault!
  10. many problems with the blame game

    The problem with the democrats and the president pointing fingers at everyone but themselves is that only simple minded sheep would believe them. The facts don't support what they say at all. The democrats control the presidency and both houses of congress. The republicans can't stop them from doing anything they want to do. Nothing. Its just election year politics at its most ridiculous.

    The republicans haven't prevented a single action by the democrats. Not one. They can't. They don't have enough votes to stop it.

    Other facts that defy democrat logic are that Bush didn't cause any of this mess. This mess started with Obama's election and the realization that socialists would have uncontrolled power over this country.

    Bush's final budget deficit upon exit from office after 2 terms: $141 Billion.

    Obama's budget deficit after 18 MONTHS in power: $3.6 TRILLION
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    Here we are again,can't post without a quote.Oh well to he*l with it.I am going back to pouting. ,,,sam.
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    Too funny! You just gotta' love it here on G&G!!!!!!!
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    Since when has that stopped any of them? Obama, Holder and Napolitano all blasted the Arizona immigration law without reading it, completely lied about it, have never corrected themselves and millions of Americans (fueled by the media) accepted what they said as gospel. Then they turned around and claimed how the border was more secure than ever because they were enforcing the same basic law (without the profiling safeguards). The 3000 Guardsmen the President promised for August1st on national TV to assist the border states didn't begin arriving until a month later and they are specifically precluding from law enforcement duties.
    Since the last two years of the Bush administration, the Democrats have had the ability to enact any legislation they choose. The only thing stopping them were members of their own party that disagreed and sided with the Republicans. They still managed to ram thru legislation that polls showed the vast majority of Americans didn't want and raise the deficit to levels that our great-grandchildren will have to pay for. Currently, they don't even have a budget and they are still looking to increase the deficit even with the citizens screaming that they stop.
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    All of Obuma,s lying would be hilarious,if it wasn't so frightening.

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    Well, isn't that what political speeches do? They all slam the other party. Every 8-15 minutes there are adds slamming Pelosi and Reed on my TV.

    Who cares......................
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    My outraged roaring and howling has slowly subsided to the current mumble and grumble,if I get too whipped up I take a pill and remind myself just how old I am,and the fools that made this bed will have to sleep in it.:196:
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    I had to quit screaming at the news, I was scaring the neighbors.