Anyone see "RECOUNT" on HBO

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    I thought it was a pretty fair, down the middle, account of the 2000 election debacle. Quite alot of deals and political maneuverings on both sides. It portrayed Katherine Harris as a total moron which from what I have heard about her isn't too far from the truth.
  2. that was 8 years ago, bush won, florida cant count, and no one still cares about al gore inventing the internet

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    It's a moot point. Harris did her job, and the more they 'recounted' the higher Bush's numbers rose. The whole Democrat-run "Recount" debacle went from silly to the truly ridiculous. Bush won, Gore lost - get over it already.
    Now they have a new chance - I hope they mind their P's and Q's this time.
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    I watched it last night, thought is was a very good "inside-info" movie...., from both sides of the isle. More than likely, the tip of the iceberg though, of what really had taken place?
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    If you've been listening to talk radio this week it talked about every vote counting esp for Hillary in Florida and Michigan now in 2008. Isn't it only fair every vote count and she get all the delegates in Florida and Michigan, otherwise it makes Florida in 2000 BS.

    Obama is stealing the election I think. It appears Hillary has the popular vote. :sgrin:

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    I don't know what you think I need to get the hell over? Since when is historical fact a moot point for discussion? It was a really informative movie that showed alot of the behind the scenes political maneuvering and the main players that you didn't get to see in the media.

    Perhaps you should watch it; you might even learn something as you seem to be confused about the overall final vote tally.
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  7. Well, the race is history . . .

    and I doubt very many people will look at it objectively.
    So much of a questionable period of history will always be
    seen more in the eyes of the producer than in new facts.

    It is much like Korea. There will never be an end to the debate
    over MacArthur sending the American troops beyond the capital
    of North Korea toward the Yalu River. Unless scholars or
    lucky amateurs find some direct evidence of orders from Mao
    and/or "smoking gun" evidence between Mao and Stalin
    we will never know if Mao intended to send the 300,000
    Chinese troops on his side of the Yalu into North Korea
    should MacArthur have stopped in the North Korean capital.

    All we really know after over fifty years is that Stalin was
    was more a distant and weak supporter of the invasion
    than a prime mover of the invasion as as Truman thought.
    Truman believed the Korean War was a feint move to tie down
    America in Korea while Stalin made a move toward Iran. Truman (and many others) had a plan to bring MacArther home in 1949 splitting his former jurisdiction between a strictly military leader and a civilian
    manager of American policy in Japan. However, the administration
    balked at implementing the plan leaving the 70 year old
    MacArthur (in 1950) with command of American policy in Japan as well as the American military in his region.

    So, we may never know what would or would not have happened if
    MacArthur had been retired in 1949 with General Matthew Ridgeway
    stopping his northward movement at the previously agreed
    38th parallel division point between North and South Korea.

    We do know the North Korean official who made it clear to the leadership of Korea, China, and Russia 200,000 South Koreans would rise up in support of a North Korean invasion as they wanted Communism was
    shot to death in 1953 by the North Korean Communist government.
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    SA, I didn't mean to ruffle your feathers, and meant it in a rhetorical manner.
    It's just that this became a big burr under the saddle of many right-oriented Floridians - we are long-since tired of such asertions. No wrong-doing was done in the elections here. Certainly not as much as was done ont he 'Other Side' regarding preventing Republican votes from being counted for the many thousands of foreign-stationed mailtary and civilian workers. THAT was truly criminal - yet no one sought an investigation.

    The Popular Vote means NADA. The People DON'T elect the president - the Electoral College does. We are NOT a Democracy - we are a Representative Republic - our 'representatives' - the Delegates and Super Delagates - do the actual electing. Why else is Hillary screaming for the DNC to give HER all the delagates?

    This election cycle has become a big Dog&Pony Show, far more so than whatever happened in 2000. It smacks of "The Three Stooges meet the Keystone Kops in Fairyland". :09:

    Any way you cut - we get a clown in the Oval Office. :eek:wned2:
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    I thought it was funny when they tried to overrun the office area..that lawyer looked like he was about to crap his pants.

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    Big Dog I didn't realize you were in Florida and I wasn't contesting the outcome of the election. I learned quite a bit from the movie as to how some of the events unfolded.

    One of the things I found interesting was that a hand recount had to be asked for in each county. In other words if you wanted a hand recount then you had to go to each county to ask for them to do the recount manually. Still doesn't excuse why Gore only wanted to count 4 democratic counties.

    As for the military ballots that Gore wanted to discount; As despicable as it sounds, Gore had every right to discount those ballots if they weren't filled out correctly just as Bush had every right to discount ballots that weren't punched correctly. As the conservative talking heads are quoted as saying "If you can't follow the instructions and fill your ballot out correctly then you shouldn't be voting".

    I can't see how this year's primary fiasco is anything similar to the 2000 general election debacle, other than halfway through the thing the democrats want to change the rules.
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