Anyone seen this before?

Discussion in 'AK47' started by JC-75, Sep 27, 2010.

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    I found this PSL on the Cuigr Arms factory page. If you scroll to the bottom you will see a PSL in 7.62x51 with a really cool looking stock imo.

    I tried searching and can't find any more info any on it.
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    That rifle does not have an AK style action. It looks far more similar to a M14/M1A. The stock does look pretty neat, but I am not sure why the magazine needs to be curved for a .308/7.62x51 round. The PSL on their site is also available in 7.62x51, and looks like any normal PSL. The PL I believe you are mentioning looks to have a nice camo stock, much like the McMillan stocks for the M1As that cost around $400 each.

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    Yeah i meant the PL when originally posting it i was just waking up and getting ready for work when i found it. lol Well after doing a little more searching i found a couple sites that list it as a 54r it is a cool looking gun though.

    RomArm PL .7'62mm Sniper Rifle...? - The SecurityArms Message Forum

    Romarm PL

    Notes: The PL began life as a military adaptation of a civilian hunting rifle, but the changes produced during that adaptation were so profound that the resulting rifle, the PL, was definitely a military weapon. The wooden stock has been weatherproofed and laminated, and the stock has been given a cheekpiece adjustable for height and a buttplate adjustable for length and height, as well as a thick rubber recoil pad. The stock has also been somewhat skeletonized to make a semi-pistol grip. The fore-end has a folding bipod attached which is adjustable for height. The quality of the 24.6-inch barrel, already good, was improved further and a muzzle brake was added. The magazine well was altered, allowing the use of the same magazines as used by the FPK. The PL has a mount which is much more flexible than most other Eastern European sniper rifles, and is able to mount a wide variety of telescopic sights or night vision devices.

    The PL was in fact advertised on the Romarm (then known as RATMIL) website for a little over a year in the early 2000s, then quietly disappeared; why it was withdrawn is still unknown. Regardless, it reappeared, and has been on sale for about 3 years now.

    Twilight 2000 Notes: The PL was rare until well after the Twilight War.

    Romanian Sniper Rifles


    I did also find this site which is all in russian but along the side someone scanned a bunch of pages in with info about various AK's.

    mpopenker : 
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    Well I also looked at the PSL and they too list it in 7.62x51mm.

    Wonder why that has not been imported?

    PL looks nice also.