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I guess I won't get one to test out if they are that bad...
Thanks for the heads up !
I must say I do have a J-22 that shoots very well for its size and it functions flawlessly so far...HMM.
A J-22 does not develop the pressures of a 9 MM-- I have 2 of the older Jennings semi-autos, a .380 and a 9 MM, and although they are nice looking guns, with lots of nice features, and fairly accurate due to their fixed barrels they have a deserved bad rep. The thin pot metal they use in the slides is just too weak to withstand the hammering of a 9 MM. They have been sued out of existence a few times already, and Jimenez was the former shop foremen Of Jemmings/Bryco, who bought out the Bryco factory when it went bankrupt, and he reopened the factory under the Jimenez name. I had heard that they too had been sued out of existence--
As another poster has suggested, buy a Hi Point, they are lifetime guaranteed, (the guarantee goes with the gun, if you sell it, and if you ever wear one out, they will REPLACE it, FREE, and all replacement parts are FREE! I own11 of them, in all their calibers, and have yet to wear one out. I have one of their C-9s, and wasn't happy with the accuracy, sent it back to them, and they rebuilt the whole gun, including the barrel, and had it back to me in one week! It cost me nothing!
They all come with completely adjustable rear sights, and accuracy wise they will shoot as well or better than any gun I own, and will reliably digest any ammo! I swear you could stoke them with spaghetti, and they'd shoot it!
Some of my Hi Points are 30 years old, and they keep on chugging, and making me look good!
1 - 1 of 462 Posts
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